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Premium Bare Metal Servers and Container Hosting - Packet
No multi-tenancy, amazing deals. Windows, Freebsd, and common Linux OSs available, but no "use your own"?
grahamrc recommends them: 36$/mo for a 4 core, 8GB RAM physical machine, bonded 1G links.
hosting  vps  server 
24 days ago by mechazoidal
Cloud Server Plans and Pricing - Linode
SSD cloud server pricing featuring hourly billing starting at $5 a month. Up to 1536 GB of SSD storage and 20 TB of transfer.
24 days ago by xxdavid
Servidores Cloud VPS SSD en España
servidores  redes  VPS  hosting 
24 days ago by beradia
Proveedor Estadounidense de servidores virtuales privados
servidores  redes  VPS  hosting 
24 days ago by beradia
Servidores VPS Linux con soporte en español
servidores  redes  linux  VPS  hosting 
24 days ago by beradia

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