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Serving 39M Requests for $370/Month | Hacker News
- I suspect you could fit this into a pair of dedicated server s from somewhere like OVH or Hetzner for <$150/month (two servers to provision for peak load, which I'm assuming is ~3x as high as the troughs).

- This is some budget thinking, but 20 $5 instances, 10 from Vultr and 10 from Linode in 4 different locations and 2 load balancing servers for tops $30 with DDOS protection etc. to send the requests to proper servers would easily handle this and scale without the problem. Would that work? We would be left with $130 easy to scale, huge bandwidth and computing power network.

- Lambda itself is already ~300% more expensive than EC2, but in comparison API Gateway is indeed much much more than Lambda for processing the requests.

- I'm a huge fan of Lambda, but these prices really need to go down. If anyone thinks API Gateway is cheap, just do the math, this is a trivial amount of traffic for even the smallest of EC2 instances.
Head over to http://serverlesscalc.com/ and enable the "HTTP Requests" radio.
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15 hours ago by hellsten
$5 Showdown: Linode vs. DigitalOcean vs. Amazon Lightsail vs. Vultr | Hacker News
Scaleway (subsidiary of Online.net) offers even better value/performance deal than DO/Amazon/Linode. Their offering starts at €2.99/month for 2GB RAM, 50GB SSD, 200mbit unmetered cloud server [0]
[0] https://www.scaleway.com/pricing/
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16 hours ago by hellsten
Client Area - PulseHeberg
Lots of options and good pricing for unlimited data transfer VPS.
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yesterday by jamescampbell
High Performance and Cheap Cloud Servers Deployment - Vultr.com
View details and pricing information for the most popular VULTR plans.
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7 days ago by matthojo
Low End Box - Cheap VPS Hosting Providers Listing & Reviews
Cheap VPS hosting providers listing & reviews. Discussions on how to host websites on bare minimum VPS.
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11 days ago by abetancort
Home - RunCloud
“Hassle-free PHP web application & server management panel”
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13 days ago by freshmango

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