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Here's how to set up a VPN and protect your data
You don't need a Master's degree to use a VPN.
yesterday by jlr
Raspberry Pi VPN Access Point: Setup a Basic VPN Router
In this Raspberry Pi VPN access point tutorial, we will be exploring how to set up a VPN on a WiFi access point.
raspi  VPN_router  VPN_tunnel  VPN  raspberry-pi 
2 days ago by sevans59
Take control of who has access to your private data

IVPN encrypts your internet activity, shielding you from hackers, ISP's and everyone else who has no business recording what you haven't chosen to share.
VPN  Security 
2 days ago by rcyphers
Do I leak?
Your digital footprint might be giving you away...
You might think your anonymity service protects you completely, but don’t get too cocky. If any trackable data is stored on your computer, or any traffic not completely routed through the anonymity network, you could be giving yourself away.

Just one leak is enough to link you back to your real IP and your real identity. Take our comprehensive test for a quick and dirty rundown of where you might be leaking.
DNS  security  VPN 
2 days ago by rcyphers

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