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One job, many roles: The different skills needed to be a successful CTO | Hacker News
The role the article describes is usually called a VP of Engineering. The distinction between them is that VP Eng is an operational role - you're responsible for managing a team of developers; instituting the appropriate process to keep productivity high and bug count low; dealing with technical debt; identifying portions of the codebase that won't scale and replacing them with solutions that will; and all of the nitty-gritty organizational tasks needed to ensure that the engineering organization doesn't grind to a halt.
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september 2019 by dano
GNU Virtual Private Ethernet 3.1 Released For Many-To-Many VPN - Phoronix
Learn more about the GNU Virtual Private Ethernet at the project site. The steps required for setting up this software are outlined by their manual. Those not familiar with this software and curious about more technical details on GNUVPE and how it works can see this IBM DeveloperWorks article outlining the architecture.
october 2018 by euler
What You Want in a VP Eng
(from the Recruiters Behind Twitter and Zappos)
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may 2018 by barryf
Lessons Learned: What does a startup CTO actually do?
company's technology strategy serves its business strategy
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november 2017 by chaserx

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