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LERZ: Only a small pond of deep in vent, lagoon developed at boat…
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9 weeks ago by stealingsand
What Caused the Dinosaur Extinction? - The Atlantic
A Princeton geologist has endured decades of ridicule for arguing that the fifth extinction was caused not by an asteroid but by a series of colossal volcanic eruptions. But she’s reopened that debate.
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10 weeks ago by bwiese
Auckland could get just five days' warning of eruption
Aucklanders could get as little as five days' warning of a major volcanic eruption in the city.

While earlier reviews have suggested signs of an imminent eruption in the Auckland Volcanic Field could occur anywhere between six days and three years before a blow, scientists now believe the lowest end of the range was likely just five to 15 days.

An eruption in New Zealand's biggest city could be catastrophic, perhaps forcing the evacuation of more than 400,000 people and bringing a deadly surge of hot rock and gas, moving at 200km/h.

The havoc that eruptions in populated areas can cause has been recently highlighted in Hawaii, where lava has destroyed hundreds of homes, and in Indonesia, where hundreds of people were forced to flee when Mt Merapi blew in early May.

Officials are looking at the potential implications of the just-published revelations, which were put down to something scientists didn't expect to find even in Auckland's famed volcanic environment.

Their study investigated how long it would take for hot magma to rise from the Earth's mantle 50km below the surface - a crucial question for evacuation planning.
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