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Will break us free of our attention-hogging mobile phones? Or will voice make it even worse? If you haven't…
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8 hours ago by sneakerpeet
NVIDIA/waveglow: A Flow-based Generative Network for Speech Synthesis
25x realtime, so you can respond in realtime if your text generating NN can keep up with the speech-to-text...
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13 hours ago by asteroza
Kroger enables voice ordering for grocery pickup | Grocery Dive
Kroger is launching voice-enabled ordering through the Google Assistant voice app, which can be accessed through iOS, Android, and Google Assistant. Customers can access their Kroger Grocery Pickup cart through the apps, according to the company's LinkedIn page. 
The grocer has launched the service in six banner store so far including Fred Meyer, Fry’s Food and Drug, QFC, King Soopers/City Market and Ralphs. Kroger says more stores are will be added late this year and throughout 2019.
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3 days ago by dancall
Parks Associates: Smart TVs the leading device U.K. households want to control with their smart speaker with personal assistant
New research from Parks Associates finds 24% of U.K. broadband households that own a smart speaker with personal assistant would like to control their smart TV via this device, nearly twice as many as any other device. The international research firm will host the 13th-annual CONNECTIONS™ Europe: Strategies for Smart Home and Consumer IoT on 13-14 November at the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel, featuring keynotes from Inwido and IBM, Bosch Smart Home, Orange, Parks Associates, and Philips.
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3 days ago by dancall
Mister Rogers: the quiet revolutionary of children's TV | Film | The Guardian
All children’s TV shows sound bizarre when described. There is a street on which humans live alongside Muppets, including a biscuit-obsessed blue monster and a grump in a trash can.
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3 days ago by herewardshaw
RT : come on down! and we're hiring for Babylon if you want to hear about that too - designers in
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5 days ago by adrianh
RT : "The web is for everyone" - is bringing services to up to 1 billion new online 'citizens'. Let's…
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5 days ago by sneakerpeet
RT : , the fastest growing operating system in India, is bringing services to up to 1 billion new online 'c…
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5 days ago by sneakerpeet

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