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Houndify | Sounshound's AI and voice services
Add a voice-enabled AI to anything: Integrate voice and conversational intelligence into your products through an independent platform that is always learning. Customize, innovate, and differentiate while maintaining your own brand and users.
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yesterday by joshclark
Amazon opens door to conversational apps from brands | Mobile Marketer
Amazon Web Services has opened up Amazon Lex, the voice technology that fuels the Alexa platform, to all cloud computing customers, according to a press release. The unlocking of Amazon Lex means developers can insert talking virtual assistants into chat services such as Facebook Messenger, Twilio or Slack. 
Until now, Amazon noted few developers were able to build apps with the automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding that characterizes Amazon Lex. With the company's move, developers can construct apps containing speaking aides to check the weather, book travel, order food and perform a plethora of other tasks.  
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3 days ago by dancall
A Look at the Ugly Side of Getting Rich - Bloomberg
Now that these status symbols have become ubiquitous, Greenfield said some groups, such as the new Asian rich, are gravitating toward such aristocratic pursuits as polo and sailing. “There’s an etiquette class in China, where people spend $16,000 for a two-week course where they learn how to pronounce luxury brands, eat caviar, and sit at the table like a Westerner,” she said.

The school, known as the Institute Sarita in Beijing, was founded by Sara Jane Ho, a Hong Kong-born entrepreneur educated at Phillips Exeter Academy, Georgetown University, and Harvard Business School. She offers two courses: a 12-day hostessing class for married women ($16,000), and a 10-day debutante course for unmarried women ($13,000). Ho is quoted in the book as saying that “in China we have a culture of conspicuous consumption, but my students are trying to move beyond just buying a label for its label.” 
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3 days ago by dancall
Google Home Adds Multiple Account Support For Smarter Personalization | WIRED
Starting today, your Google Home device can identify as many as six voices, and summon information based on each person’s calendars, services, and preferences. In doing so, Google’s speaker-bound personal assistant becomes truly personal, unlocking the true potential of the most promising new category of consumer tech to come along in years. Oh, and it gives Google an important edge in the race with Amazon’s Alexa to own the next generation of interfaces. For now, anyway.
voice  googlehome 
3 days ago by paulbradshaw
Why All Your Gadgets Want You to Talk to Them
Why all the electronic stuff in your life are suddenly so desperate to start up a conversation.
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3 days ago by bradbarrish
Siri is dying. Long live Susan Bennett. - Typeform blog
Siri is dying. Long live Susan Bennett. - Typeform blog - https://t.co/xZPbcN3a1v - excellent article #bm #siri #design #ui #ux #PHD #voice
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4 days ago by adamprocter
VeeaR – Embedded Voice Recognition
VeeaR product line offers high quality and cost effective solutions for embedding voice recognition and speech playback capabilities to almost any application and start development in no time.
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5 days ago by cyberchucktx
Pink Trombone
Bare-handed voicebox. Touch interface!
PR: interface is neat, is it canvas?
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5 days ago by mechazoidal

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