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Our 2019 challenges: Voice, Video and new Visual Journalism
Voice and Voice AI are the obvious topic for 2019. All the editors who I met in the last six months have become obsessed with smart speakers offered by Amazon, Google and Apple. There are already 47 million smart speakers next to people’s couches in the United States and there are 220 million adults in the country. According to Chartbeat, this number could double in the next six months. It means this mass phenomenon will very soon have a serious impact on how news will be consumed. Who will be the winners of this new battle? Big conglomerates, local news providers, or infotainment companies? What will the speed of adoption be in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa? It seems obvious that countries with strong public or private broadcasters will be at the top of the evolution, but what about new agile players?
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6 hours ago by paulbradshaw
Unreleased Chris Cornell Music Collected in New Box Set | Music News | Consequence of Sound
Stream the previously unreleased track, “When Bad Does Good".
A new posthomous box set celebrating the musical legacy of Chris Cornell is set for release in November.
The eponymous set was curated by Cornell’s wife, Vicky, in collaboration with his bandmates and friends. The 64-song tracklist includes material from Cornell’s various bands, including Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, and Audioslave, as well as music from his solo career.
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yesterday by rgl7194
"Free Voice and Text Chat for Gamers"
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5 days ago by l0b0
These companies are shrinking the voice recognition 'accent gap' | VentureBeat
y the end of 2018, the Google Assistant will support over 30 languages. Qualcomm has developed on-device models that can recognize words and phrases with 95 percent accuracy. And Microsoft’s call center solution is able to transcribe conversations more accurately than a team of humans.

[Speechmatic's] language pack — dubbed Global English — is the result of thousands of hours of speech data from over 40 countries and “tens of billions” of words. It supports “all major” English accents for speech-to-text transcription, and it’s built on the back of Speechmatic’s Automatic Linguist, an AI-powered framework that learns the linguistic foundations of new languages by drawing on patterns identified in known ones.

Nuance says it employs several methods to ensure its voice recognition models understand equally well speakers of the roughly 80 languages its products support
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7 days ago by lavallee
The Paradox of Intelligent Assistants: Poor Usability, High Adoption (Nielsen/Norman Group)
Kathryn Whitenton и Raluca Budiu продолжают рассказ об исследовании Nielsen/Norman Group голосовых помощников. Интересный парадокс — хотя пользователи описывают множество проблем в работе с ними, в целом они зачастую довольны. Одна из главных причин — пользователи сами ограничили круг сценариев использования, в которых умные помощники предсказуемы.
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7 days ago by jvetrau
Ultra-Realistic Voice Cloning and Text-to-Speech
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9 days ago by robertoferrari
Many people cannot tell when they are conversing with a Assistant or a human. RT
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