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Alexa Blueprints
Teach Alexa new skills in minutes - Make party games, household lists, and family stories - just fill in the blanks.
yesterday by natelandau
Netflix's 'Lost in Space' unveils Google smart-speaker adventure | Mobile Marketer
Netflix is promoting the premiere of “Lost in Space,” a reboot of the 1960s science-fiction series, with an interactive audio game on Google Home smart speakers, per a Google blog post ostensibly written by the show's Will Robinson. The game urges players to use voice commands to help the show’s key characters after their spaceship crash-lands on an unfamiliar planet.
By saying “Hey Google, play the ‘Lost in Space’ game,” players can interact with the Robinson family who were traveling on the Jupiter 2 ship to Alpha Centauri. The game lasts about five to six minutes, has a branched narrative and multiple-choice questions and answers, per Variety. The adventure is spoiler-free and doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the show.
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2 days ago by dancall
Switchboard - Your instant voice network
Free intercom for close friends & colleagues
chat  app  voice  voip  mac  ios 
3 days ago by segfault
The axes of HomePod evolution: don’t judge what you can’t yet see
“it’s important to bear in mind how every single Apple product tends to evolve: from MVP, aka minimal viable product, to thing that people buy by the million.”
mvp  apple  history  homepod  voice  design 
3 days ago by cote
COYO ist das Enterprise Social Network, mit dem du und deine Kollegen besser zusammenarbeiten!
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4 days ago by Flo1H

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