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SQL Server on Windows Virtual Machines in Azure FAQ | Microsoft Docs
This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about running SQL Server on Azure VMs.
azure  vm  mssql  microsoft  faq  licensing  cloud 
4 days ago by geekzter
Are Containers Replacing Virtual Machines? - Docker Blog
ICYMI: 4 key points on the relationship between containers and virtual machines
docker  containers  VM  comparison 
4 days ago by psychemedia
BSDCan2018: Vagrant for OpenBSD: make installations by the busloads easy
This talk presents the efforts and results of porting Vagrant to OpenBSD by writing a plugin that uses vmd(8) as a 'provider' to create and manage OpenBSD VMs and to properly detect OpenBSD as a host system and expose the needed capabilities, most notably NFS to exchange data between host and guest.
openbsd  vagrant  virtual-machine  vmd  vm 
5 days ago by mwishek

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