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Boost your productivity using Markdown. – Hacker Noon
st=>start: Start:>[blank]
op1=>operation: My Operation
sub1=>subroutine: My Subroutine
cond=>condition: Yes or No?:>
io=>inputoutput: catch something…
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22 days ago by lenards
MetExploreViz provides an interactive visualisation of metabolic networks in order to mine metabolomics (and other “omics”) data.
metabolomics  tools  viz 
22 days ago by dvera
9. Bringing Out Your Style - Presto Sketching
Chapter 9. Bringing Out Your Style PATS ON THE BACK ALL ROUND, you made it past the theory part of conceptual illustration! Honestly, the more you apply conceptual illustration ...
sketching  drawing  viz  visual-learning  learning  communication 
5 weeks ago by lenards
wardleymaps – Medium
The use of topographical intelligence in business strategy.
wardleymaps  viz  visualization  strategy  understanding 
7 weeks ago by lenards
Super Looper – wardleymaps – Medium
The LFP example is based upon a real-world event. I say “based” because I usually take time to disguise the actual event to protect any guilty parties. In this case, the haphazard and stumbling CEO…
wardleymaps  viz  visualization  strategy  understanding 
7 weeks ago by lenards

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