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At the Effects Panel, I talked about Instagram vidders. If you're interested in seeing more edits, my fav…
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august 2018 by futuransky
trelkez | VividCon Premieres 2012 Intro Vid
This year's VividCon theme is The Hunger Games -- Katniss llama and all -- so in keeping with that, the Premieres intro vid is ... the VVC Hunger Games. Featuring tributes from this year's premiering fandoms, and some others besides. May the vids be ever in your favor!
trelkez  vid  vividcon  legend.of.the.seeker  merlin  doctor.who  once.upon.a.time  battlestar.galactica  due.south  the.sentinel  psych  avengers  harry.potter.movies 
june 2017 by vidding
Untitled (
RT : (sadly) Selling early-release NIB ST:TOS communicator BT phone headset at cost! Can bring along to !
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august 2016 by zvi
Registration | VividCon
RT : For $25, you can see all the vids at . Watch the vidshows from home with a supporting membership:
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june 2016 by zvi
A Nothing Trail of Silences - Vid: Hydrogenuine [Jupiter Ascending]
Title: Hydrogenuine
Fandom: Jupiter Ascending
Music: Hydrogenuine - USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker)
Summary: I am simply here to assist.
fan_vid  jupiter_ascending  to_keep  vividcon 
august 2015 by a_phasia
shati | new vid -- Memories of the Heart Already Gone (Utena)
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Music: Memories of the Heart Already Gone, Titus Jones
Vidshow: Challenge 2015 ("Memory")
Length: 03:44
Notes: Strobe
fan_vid  utena  vividcon  to_keep 
august 2015 by a_phasia
Wishes and horses - New vid: "Miss Jackson" (Steve/Bucky)
Where will you be waking up tomorrow morning? Steve/Bucky

Length: 3:13
Fandom: MCU
Song/Artist: "Miss Jackson" by Panic! At the Disco
fan_vid  captain_america  movieverse  slash  steve/bucky  to_keep  vividcon 
august 2015 by a_phasia

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