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Pie charts did nothing to deserve how you’re treating them
"So if you want to complain about something, complain about the rampant misuse of charts instead. No chart type is good at everything, and charting tools can’t read our minds yet. Pick the chart type that tells your story best, and ameliorates the pitfalls that you want to avoid.

Pie charts are OK. They existed before most of us, and they’ll probably outlive all of us. When we finally read the climate-driven death sentence of our planet in a 100-page report, it will probably have pie charts. So enjoy your artisanal donut charts and your home-baked square pie charts while you can, hipsters. Just kidding. Till then though, you can find me putting gold stars on every good little pie chart I encounter.

Lay off it, friends!"
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9 hours ago by robertogreco
A Better Way to Code – Mike Bostock – Medium
The first principle of is reactivity. Rather than issuing commands to modify shared state, each piece of state in a reactive program defines how it is calculated, and the runtime manages their evaluation; the runtime propagates derived state. If you’ve written spreadsheet formulas, you’ve done reactive programming.
In imperative programming, c = a + b sets the current value of c to a + b. This is a value assignment. If a or b changes, c retains its original value until we execute a new value assignment to c. In reactive programming, c = a + b is a variable definition. This means that c is always equal to a + b, even if a or b changes. The runtime keeps the value of c up-to-date.
computation  visualization  data 
11 hours ago by backspaces
Mapping Migration in the United States - The New York Times
Where people who lived in each state in 2012 were born, depicted in a beautiful voronoi based visualization.
Design  visualization  IxD  maps  geoViz-choropleth  Inspiration  Awesome  Reference  USA 
22 hours ago by rasagy
The Journalist-Engineer – matthew_daniels – Medium
“It cannot be made in Photoshop or Illustrator. You must write software.”
On the rise of Journalist+Engineer
journalism  ddj  visualization  Development  Career  MustRead  Article  Design  Inspiration  Awesome 
22 hours ago by rasagy
React Sparklines
"Beautiful and expressive sparklines component for React"
component  visualization  reactjs  webdevelopment  graphing  graphics  ui  ux 
yesterday by kevinrood

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