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Dillon Marsh - For What It's Worth
This is just what I want, but for specific biomass.
nature  visualization 
18 hours ago by toby
Are Your Dashboards Intuitive? - DZone Big Data
"Your dashboard may be flashy and good-looking, but that's not the sole purpose of dashboards. Learn how to make dashboards that both look good and provide great insights."
development  visual  visualization  monitoring 
18 hours ago by bookmarks
Dataset Publishing Language  |  Google Developers
DSPL is a data and metadata format designed from the ground up to support powerful, interactive visualizations like those in the Google Public Data Explorer.
data  dataset  Google  DSPL  publishing  public  language  dataexplorer  visualization  geographic  maps 
20 hours ago by areich
For What It's Worth
"Whether they are active or long dormant, mines speak of a combination of sacrifice and gain. Their features are crude, unsightly scars on the landscape - unlikely feats of hard labour and specialised engineering, constructed to extract value from the earth but also exacting a price. These images combine photography and computer generated elements in an effort to visualise the output of a mine. The CGI objects represent a scale model of the materials removed from each mine, a solid mass occupying a scene showing the ground from which it was extracted. By doing so, the intention is to create a kind of visualisation of the merits and shortfalls of mining in South Africa, an industry that has shaped the history and economy of the country so radically."
a:Dillon-Marsh  p:Dillon-Marsh  nature  visualization  from iphone
23 hours ago by bankbryan
Use d3-annotation with built-in annotation types, or extend it to make custom annotations. It is made for d3-v4 in SVG.
d3  d3js  annotation  visualization  graphics  library  javascript  programming 
23 hours ago by vicchow
Beñat Arregi: Airbnb maps for cities
Each point in the map represents an Airbnb listing, and the colour code indicates its location rating.
maps  travel  p-city-data  geoViz-density-map  visualization  Reference  Inspiration 
yesterday by rasagy
graphistry/pygraphistry: PyGraphistry is library to extract, transform, and visually explore big graphs
It supports unusually large graphs for interactive visualization. The client's custom WebGL rendering engine renders up to 8MM nodes and edges at a time
python  visualization 
yesterday by Leonardo.Z

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