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"Idyll is a tool that makes it easier to author interactive narratives for the web. The goal of the project is to provide a friendly markup language — and an associated toolchain — that can be used to create dynamic, text-driven web pages." Basically what LaTeX is for PDFs Idyll does for HTML.
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18 hours ago by ralphiesa
Franchise – An Open-Source SQL Notebook
Tool for easily connecting to a database or importing data to run SQL queries and visualize output. Nifty tool, could add value to SP?
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21 hours ago by Tknvbe
WebGL2 components for GPU-powered data visualization and computation
visualization  opensource  javascript 
23 hours ago by jshwlkr
mathematical visualization tool designed to give students, educators, and engineers a better grasp on some of the most difficult concepts in vector calculus
visualization  vr  opensource  mathematics 
yesterday by jshwlkr
Interactive Information Visualization
This book covers the foundation skills necessary to using d3.js to visualize data on the web. It requires no technical background, and teaches students how to begin programmatically building interactive graphics in modern and reproducable ways.
d3  tutorial  data_visualization  visualization  textbook 
yesterday by miriamposner

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