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[1712.09665] Adversarial Patch
Designing adversarial sticker patches to mess with machine/computer vision systems
adversarial  patch  sticker  camouflage  machine  learning  attack  security  research  computer  vision 
3 days ago by asteroza
Glaucoma Today - Cataract Surgery in High-Risk Glaucoma Patients (May/June 2015)
"Patients with narrow-angle and angle-closure glaucoma (ACG) are particularly likely to benefit from cataract extraction,5,6"
vision  surgery 
4 days ago by mgold
Getting My Eyes Laser-Zapped (a.k.a. My Iridotomy Experience) - Debbie's Blatherings - Debbie Ridpath Ohi (Twitter: @inkyelbows)
Tragic but I take it as a warning. Found this while searching for the odds ratio of harm from iridotomy - I have a vague memory of it being on the order of 1%.

"I had been warned that one of the possible side effects would be glare. I've always been pretty sensitive to glare (in terms of a halo of light around light sources) all my life, and I can't tell if this is worse or not.

One side effect that I hadn't been warned about: a thin horizontal hazy-white line across my lower vision that moves up and down as I open and close my eyelids. For the right eye, the line is very faint and I can only see it in sunlight. For the left eye (the one that was done yesterday), I see it almost all the time, especially when looking at any light source...including my computer screen. It's a bit fainter today than it was yesterday, though, so hopefully it'll fade with time."
vision  surgery 
4 days ago by mgold
Lenovo's Vision 2018: VR, AR, Mobile laptops, Moto Mods
Lenovo outlined its 2018 vision for technology with a myriad of gadgets which covers a wide range of uses. Amongst them are VR and AR solutions, a smart display, new Moto Mods, and laptop refresh. Lenovo’s VR: Mirage Solo with Daydream Headset + Mirage Camera Lenovo aims to create a different VR experience with the...

The post Lenovo’s Vision 2018: VR, AR, Mobile laptops, Moto Mods appeared first on .
Lenovo’s  Vision  2018:  VR  AR  Mobile  laptops  Moto  Mods 
4 days ago by vrzone

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