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Dynamicland is a communal computer,
designed for agency, not apps,
where people can think like whole humans.
It's the next step in our mission to
incubate a humane dynamic medium
whose full power is accessible to all people.
yesterday by suimong
Teach yourself to echolocate
Kish now teaches echolocation, mostly to students who are blind. For these students, Kish believes that an echolocation practice can buoy confidence and independence. Kish’s own experience is persuasive—he famously bikes along hilly, car-lined streets—and a growing body of scholarly research has begun to unpack exactly how expert echolocaters do their thing. This research has also backed up the idea that this skill is highly learnable.
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5 days ago by terry
Gophercon 2018 - Computer Vision Using Go and OpenCV 3
Presenter: Ron Evans Liveblogger: @beyang Summary An introduction to and tour of computer vision programs written in Go using GoCV––with…
vision  robotics 
7 days ago by twleung

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