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Real-time object detection with YOLO
Using YOLO is simple: you give it an input image (resized to 416×416 pixels), it goes through the convolutional network in a single pass, and comes out the other end as a 13×13×125 tensor describing the bounding boxes for the grid cells. All you need to do then is compute the final scores for the bounding boxes and throw away the ones scoring lower than 30%.
iphone  swift  machine_learning  vision 
2 days ago by rrraul
SignKit-Learn: Using Machine Learning to converse with a bot in American Sign Language
This was a 36 hour project at HackPrinceton. Our goal was to bridge the communication gap between those with hearing and those without, by creating a tool that would make it easier for people to…
asl  signlanguage  chatbot  video  artificial  vision 
4 days ago by gilberto5757
(2) Thinking in Symbols for Universal Design - Benjamin Wilkins, Airbnb - YouTube
In this talk, Benjamin Wilkins, Design Technologist at Airbnb touches on the internationalization and localization of design elements, and how might we design with consistency for multiple interface targets like Android, iOS, Virtual Reality, or even Natural Language interfaces.
video  airbnb  design  system  machine  learning  vision 
6 days ago by fjordaan
WTF is Strategy? – Hacker Noon
Introduction into Vision, Mission, Strategy and Roadmap
vision  mission  strategy 
6 days ago by jayeff
The Next Step in Buffer's Social Media Journey - Open
Over the next few months, we will align Buffer with the social media manager’s workflow by turning Buffer into a platform of social media products.
service  product  vision  @5 
8 days ago by junya

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