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Study finds Atlantic salmon that escaped from Cypress Island pen were diseased | KIRO-TV
Cooke Aquaculture's three salmon pens off Cypress Island collapsed in August and more than 260,000 of what are considered an invasive species ended up in the Puget Sound - "Since we sampled three organs in each fish we had 57 samples, 56 of the organs actually had the virus,” Beardslee said of his findings.

He’s talking about Piscine Orthoreovirus, a disease that weakens the fish and a strain that originated in Norway.
seattle  salmon  virus  fishing 
6 days ago by bwiese
Beware of Adenoviruses: Flu Symptoms in Disguise
By keeping your home and business sanitized during the season, you can successfully keep these viruses at bay throughout the year.
virus  sanitization  flu-season 
10 days ago by Adventure_Web
A deepfakes spinoff website is quietly mining cryptocurrency under the guise of fake porn • Motherboard
Samantha Cole:
<p>“Deepfakes” are videos created using a machine learning algorithm that swaps one person’s face onto another person’s body. Most frequently, this is used to put a celebrity’s face on a video of a porn performer.

Some deepfakes fans are attempting to avoid watchful admin eyes by setting up their own websites, independent of other platforms. But at least one of these websites, called, contains malware that hijacks visitors’ computing power to mine cryptocurrency without alerting the user. Deepfakes enthusiasts may make particularly good miners: The profitability of cryptocurrency mining depends on a computer’s power, and people running machine learning programs may have more powerful CPUs than the average consumer.

A member of the r/fakeapp subreddit (which was not banned because it does not allow porn) first pointed out the surreptitious mining on, in an attempt to alert other members of the issue. Motherboard ran the site through an online antivirus program; it showed that is running code from Coinhive’s in-browser miner.

This appears to be a Coinhive browser miner. Motherboard viewed the site’s source code and confirmed that mining is taking place…</p>
Virus  bitcoin 
16 days ago by charlesarthur
targeted by 17 year old. Suspect is arrested in for creating a
Japan  cryptocurrency  virus  from twitter_favs
23 days ago by toddc
6 Common Reasons & Solutions When Files Cannot Be Saved to USB Flash Drive
Have you ever failed to save files to your USB flash drive? Many have complained a lot about this problem. Now, this article will expose 6 most common reasons for this issue and provide relevant solutions.
corrupt  PST  Drive  Corruption  File  System  Low  Disk  Space  Permission  Save  Files  to  USB  Flash  Virus  Infection  Write  Protection 
25 days ago by DataNumen
7 Top Reasons & Solutions when Memory Card Shows Wrong Size
If your memory card shows wrong size, such as an 8 GB card shows only 20 MB, you can refer this article. Here we will expose 7 most common reasons for this issue and the corresponding suggested solutions.
damaged  Outlook  Expansion  Card  Formatting  Memory  Virus  Infection  Wrong  Size 
26 days ago by DataNumen
Virus trading cards
This week I made a set of virus trading cards! Viruses are surprisingly symmetrical, and I love them because they remind me of a biological version of snowflakes. Each trading card shows you the structure of the viral capsid - the protein shell protecting the genetic material inside a virus.
animation  gif  infographic  tradingcards  virus  disease  3d  design  eyecandy  art  via:asymmetrical 
27 days ago by eugenexxv

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