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Heterotopias |
"Heterotopias is a project focusing on the spaces and architecture of virtual worlds.

Heterotopias is both a digital zine and website, hosting studies and visual essays that dissect spaces of play, exploration, violence and ideology.

The zine can be bought from the pages listed on your left. Sales of the zine go directly to supporting the project.

For updates follow @heterotopiasZn or sign up to our newsletter.

Creator and Editor Gareth Damian Martin

Associate Editor Chris Priestman"
architecture  design  games  geography  gaming  videogames  chrispriestman  garethdamianmartin  vr  virtualreality  virtualworlds  play  exploration  violence  ideology 
5 weeks ago by robertogreco
Science News / Scientists Get A 2nd Life
Article describing real science being done in virtual environments. Excellent read. Also discusses use of second life as an educational tool.
techintegrator  science  technology  secondlife  virtualworlds  education 
june 2017 by benwildeboer

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