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Dynamicland, seeing spaces, and design studio
Seeing the Dynamicland tweets, I had to revisit Bret Victor’s “Seeing Spaces”, feeling I had missed a central idea.
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yesterday by garrettc
, I am visiting the . 6th grade math students will be joining me later.
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4 days ago by timlauer
Black Hole VR on the App Store
Imagine, in the frigid depths of space, a pair of immense black holes crashing together so violently that they shake the fabric of space and time. How would it feel to witness this cataclysmic event up close and personal? What would it be like to fall into the gargantuan combined black hole?
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6 days ago by awhite
These Technologies Will Shape The Future, According To One of Silicon
Exclusive: Andreessen Horowitz analyst Benedict Evans explains how AI, mixed-reality, cryptocurrencies, and autonomy will play out over the next 10 years.
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7 days ago by jorgebarba
VR/AR prototyping for everyone – Inborn Experience – Medium
Hello again, guys! Today I want to speak to you about modern VR/AR prototyping. We will talk about Framer.js, A-Frame and AR.js particularly. This article is mostly for those, who are familiar with Framer.js but not so familiar with VR and AR. First things first. Let’s start with a small bite of VR history.
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13 days ago by Shoord
Amazon Sumerian
An easy way to create VR, AR, and 3D experiences
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13 days ago by dexter
Virtual Reality Gets Naughty - The New York Times
In early 2014 Ela Darling, 31, a pornographic actress, recorded her first virtual reality sex scene. She was in a college dorm room at the University of Maryland dressed in an R2-D2 swimsuit and high athletic socks. She sat on a twin bed, next to a wooden desk, and spoke to the camera as if it were a real person. There was no story line and no other actors.
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14 days ago by brendanmcfadden
Jaron Lanier Q&A: VR Visionary and Author of 'Dawn of the New Everything' | WIRED
One of the more puzzling to me but also interesting definitions was you simply call virtual reality "the inverse of AI"—which makes it sound like it’s kind of inconvertibly human.

AI is a fake thing. You take in a bunch of data from people and then you replay that data in various forms of interpolation later on. Whereas in VR, the people are there but they’re being transformed in space into—so it’s a space versus time thing. It didn’t even occur to me that anybody would think AI is a real thing.
A lot of companies would be unhappy to hear you say that.

Ironically, virtual reality—which is sold as an illusion—is real for what it is. Good magicians are the ones who will tell you the truth because they’ll tell you, "hey, this is all an illusion, I’m faking you out." As compared to con artists. So in the same way, VR is the real thing and AI is the fake thing.
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15 days ago by ayjay

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