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ARdVRk Technologies : Healthcare & Life Sciences
The healthcare ecosystem has become increasingly complex, posing new challenges to medical professionals and their patients. ARDVRK was created on a vision to simplify the often-confusing and jargon-filled world of healthcare and life sciences. Through the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), we tell compelling and engaging stories that make it possible to “visualize” better health. As experienced healthcare and life science executives, we understand the complexities of the industry.
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Heterotopias |
"Heterotopias is a project focusing on the spaces and architecture of virtual worlds.

Heterotopias is both a digital zine and website, hosting studies and visual essays that dissect spaces of play, exploration, violence and ideology.

The zine can be bought from the pages listed on your left. Sales of the zine go directly to supporting the project.

For updates follow @heterotopiasZn or sign up to our newsletter.

Creator and Editor Gareth Damian Martin

Associate Editor Chris Priestman"
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Facebook’s head of social VR talks about the future - The Verge
Rachel Franklin has spent her career at the intersection of technology and psychology
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3 reasons why VR’s killer app will be collaborative
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VR Prototyping with Marvel - Marvel Blog
what if I could hack my existing workflow to be able design and prototype for VR? I gathered my ingredients:

• Some designs made in Sketch
• A prototype made in Marvel and viewed in the Marvel iOS app
• A Google Cardboard headset (I also considered making my own with a spare pizza box).

So after a few days of hacking, here’s a glimpse of something fun that I’ve been working on – Marvel for VR!
prototyping  inspiration  design  ux  vr  virtualreality 
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