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Welcome to the Department of New Realities
Housed within Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, the Department of New Realities aims to explore new tech territories and how they will change our lives, including our relationships with brands. Projects created by the department so far have included the use of VR and AR to make bespoke experiences; some for brands, others just for the fun of it, to show off what’s possible.


Whereas all too often VR has been used to corporate ends, creating replicas of the world as we know it but with the addition of a heavy headset strapped to our face, the DPTNR is determined to expand our universe with a mix of distinctive aesthetics and occasionally wild philosophical ideas.


“We feel there’s a need to make these new realities, because if we don’t somebody else will,” concludes Lillemon. “You can either make your own reality or sit back and live in somebody else’s creation.”
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yesterday by JohnDrake
Behold, the Oculus Rift condom
Given the hundreds of visitors that used the couple dozen or so virtual reality rigs over the course of The Enemy @mitmuseum, I think maybe next time we should invest in some of these Oculus Rift condoms!
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7 days ago by davidnunez
How Osso VR is revolutionizing the way surgeons train for operations • UploadVR
David Jagneaux:
<p>Osso VR is a virtual reality technology company founded on the principle of training surgeons with real-world skills that can be directly applied when in the OR. It’s impressively designed and even the U.S. Department of Education agreed when they awarded the studio an EdSim prize.

Recently I had the chance to try out one of the training modules for myself to see what it was like. In the scenario I was installing a rod into someone’s shin after they had suffered a fracture. The virtual prompts walked me through each action, from drilling in screws to nailing in rods and everything else. It was a very kinetic training exercise and one that wouldn’t be feasible to try for the first time on a real patient without prior knowledge.

To prove the effectiveness of their training modules Osso VR conducted a study. They had one group of students study the procedure using text books and other traditional forms of education while the other group simply did the VR exercise and that’s it. When both groups tried to perform the procedure on a test body, the VR group dramatically out-performed the non-VR, as was determined by an impartial blind judge.</p>

To be really useful, you'd want haptic feedback on this. Professional uses for VR really look promising. (Consumer uses I'm less sure about.)
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9 days ago by charlesarthur
Can VR make us healthier, smarter and less racist? - Recode
Stanford University’s Human Interaction Lab, led by Jeremy Bailenson, is finding out.
10 days ago by jorgebarba
Avatar VR - NeuroDigital
With the pitch “Feel & Touch VR”, Avatar VR is our newest wireless controller creation for Virtual Reality. As Gloveone was before, it has been designed to provide a realistic sense of touch thanks to the use of haptic technology but adding an impressive movement tracking capability.
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16 days ago by oliverw
ANTVR: chinese AR/VR company
ANTVR, founded in 2014, is a company dedicated to the development of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).
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20 days ago by cyberchucktx
Hi, I'm a VR Art Director and just finished rebuilding Super Mario World's overworld in
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22 days ago by jaxzin
What AR needs to get right to win our hearts
Experts believe AR could be more popular than VR in the future, but it still needs to work on its issues.
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23 days ago by garrettc
Sketchfab mobile app - Sketchfab
Discover 3D, VR & AR models with the Sketchfab App!
Explore over 1 Million models in 3D, VR and AR on your mobile device and engage with the Sketchfab community.
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29 days ago by areich
Tilt Brush by Google
Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality.
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29 days ago by areich

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