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Free Virtual Machines from IE8 to MS Edge - Microsoft Edge Development
Download free VMs to test Windows browsers using Virtuabox and other free emulators. No more pirating Fusion or Parallels just for this :)
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1 hour ago by betobeto
XAMPP vs MAMP vs Local vs DesktopServer: A Comparison Guide to Local Dev Environments
Looks pretty fucking awesome, to me!!!! Yes! You can also save your non-WordPress setups as Blueprints to reuse them.

"Local By Flywheel is almost perfect. It’s is the most complete UI-based local development solution for WordPress developers on the market, and it’s mind-bogglingly free."
mamp  wamp  xamp  virtualbox  virtualization  tools  webdevelopment  wordpress  Joomla  Joomla-Resources  cms 
9 days ago by Mumra2k

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