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Editing files in your Linux Virtual Machine made a lot easier with Remote VSCode
Ever since I started playing around with Python, machine learning and deep learning frameworks like Microsoft CNTK and TensorFlow, I’ve been starting to use virtual machines (specifically Azure Data…
vscode  rmate  virtualbox  vm  ssh  remote  host  plugin  editor  prod 
2 days ago by jmsmrgn
How to access a shared folder in VirtualBox? - Ask Ubuntu
"First, please make sure you have installed the Guest Additions" worked for me.
virtualbox  virtualisation 
6 days ago by jrwi
Mount SD card in VirtualBox from Mac OS X Host | Geeky Tidbits
there's a lot of dumb steps to this and I have to read it every time.
sdcard  virtualbox  macos 
11 days ago by SteveLambert

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