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virtual-kubelet/virtual-kubelet: Virtual Kubelet is an open source Kubernetes kubelet implementation.
Virtual Kubelet is an open source Kubernetes kubelet implementation that masquerades as a kubelet for the purposes of connecting Kubernetes to other APIs. This allows the nodes to be backed by other services like ACI,, AWS, etc. This connector features a pluggable architecture and direct use of Kubernetes primitives, making it much easier to build on.
kubernetes  serverless  k8s  virtual 
yesterday by wjy
Vertical Backup: a fast and low-cost network and cloud backup tool for VMware vSphere Hypervisor ESXi
Backup virtual machines - $10/year personal and $99/year business. Interoperable with Duplicacy. - 2018-04-24
wasabi  backup  Software  virtual  vmware 
yesterday by wellsa
Lift Trucks Project
Commissioned by Montefiore Medical Center and in partnership with the Fashion Institute of Technology, we draw on location to translate New York City street scenes into virtual reality using Google Tilt Brush technology. It's a classical approach to groundbreaking technology that creates an immersive experience.
virtual  tiltbrush  google  painting  streetart  cityscape 
2 days ago by droitcour
There™ - Work across timezones efficiently & remotely
I upvoted There on Product Hunt: Never think of timezones again! at April 17, 2018 at 11:11PM
Product  Hunt  Mac  Productivity  Time  Tracking  Developer  Tools  Virtual  Assistants  Menu  Bar  Apps  Tech  T 
8 days ago by iamthefury
Are We Already Living in Virtual Reality? | The New Yorker
A new technology—virtual embodiment—challenges our understanding of who and what we are.
identity  therapy  psychology  virtual  reality 
10 days ago by soobrosa
OpenWRT in Virtualbox
A collection of articles related to life and adventures in the open source community.
open  router  virtual  box  command  line  installation  ssh  head  less  lan  network  dhcp  5* 
10 days ago by ianweatherhogg

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