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We took a tour of the abandoned college campuses of Second Life
Colleges were among those that bought the hype of the Linden Lab-developed virtual world. Many universities set up their own private islands to engage students; some even held classes within Second Life.

Most of these virtual universities are gone –– it costs almost $300 per month to host your own island –– but it turns out a handful remain as ghost towns. I decided to travel through several of the campuses, to see what's happening in Second Life college-world in 2015

First, I didn't see a a single other user during my tour. They are all truly abandoned.
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2 hours ago by twwoodward
What Is a Virtual Machine? Everything You Need to Know
What Is a Virtual Machine? Everything You Need to Know by Ben Stegner via MakeUseOf
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11 days ago by pmdpmd
Check out this article: Virtual Tour of Lake Eaton Campground in Adirondacks -

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11 days ago by randyhilarski
Lake Eaton Campground in Adirondacks
Check out this article: Virtual Tour of Lake Eaton Campground in Adirondacks -

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11 days ago by randyhilarski
PHP-FPM: Multiple Resource Pools | Servers for Hackers
Good video explaining how might one set up multiple PHP-FPM resource pool config files and multiple virtual hosts for multiple websites (with Nginx). Although the creator of the video makes a lot of mistakes and it can be confusing at times, he does a good job at explaining the rationale for doing so. If you want to see a written blog post version of this you can refer to:

Works on Ubuntu 16.04
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20 days ago by racl101
How to Run Sites Securely with Apache and Php-fpm on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS |
What's good about this blog post is that it demonstrates how to do it with PHP-FPM, Ubuntu 16.04 and Apache which is a rare combination these days.
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