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knadh/koanf: Light weight extensible library for reading config (file, S3 etc.) in Go applications. Built in support for JSON, TOML, YAML, env, command line.
Light weight extensible library for reading config (file, S3 etc.) in Go applications. Built in support for JSON, TOML, YAML, env, command line. - knadh/koanf
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7 weeks ago by pinterb
Consider env vars when unmarshalling · Issue #188 · spf13/viper
func bindEnvs(v *viper.Viper, iface interface{}, parts ...string) {
ifv := reflect.ValueOf(iface)
ift := reflect.TypeOf(iface)
for i := 0; i < ift.NumField(); i++ {
fieldv := ifv.Field(i)
t := ift.Field(i)
name := strings.ToLower(t.Name)
tag, ok := t.Tag.Lookup("mapstructure")
if ok {
name = tag
path := append(parts, name)
switch fieldv.Kind() {
case reflect.Struct:
bindEnvs(v, fieldv.Interface(), path...)
v.BindEnv(strings.Join(path, "."))
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october 2019 by hackerzhut
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: SRT Viper GTS-R (2019 Target Red Edition)
Time for some red, but not just any red, Target red! It's an exclusive car only found at Target, get them if you can!
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june 2019 by rgl7194
spf13/viper: Go configuration with fangs
Go configuration with fangs. Contribute to spf13/viper development by creating an account on GitHub.
Viper is a complete configuration solution for Go applications including 12-Factor apps. It is designed to work within an application, and can handle all types of configuration needs and formats. It supports:

setting defaults
reading from JSON, TOML, YAML, HCL, and Java properties config files
live watching and re-reading of config files (optional)
reading from environme...
cli  configuration  go  golang  config  library  github  viper  12factor  files 
may 2019 by tylerham

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