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Robert Reich: Democracy's Future Depends on 'Common Good'
"Trump = the culmination of 3 or 4 decades of a "whatever it takes" attitude. Wage stagnation; class stratification; erosion of trust in our institutions. We're in the second gilded age: discrepancy between rich & poor; monopolization... So: how do we care about the common good again?

"To be a Frenchman is a fact, to be an American is an ideal."
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yesterday by ingenu
Why feminism and racism have a lot to do with the gun debate - CNNPolitics
Cullors: I think so. I've been pretty impressed with the Parkland students who've listened to young black students and brown students, mostly poor students who've been saying, you know, "our issues matter, too." And many of the Parkland students who've gone to Chicago and then met up with the black youth, to talk about gun violence. Um, one of the young men, was quoted saying, our issues, as in white people's issues, are being amplified over black people's issues, it's just a matter of race, and I thought that was so powerful, because they're listening to the young black and brown students who are saying, you know, we deserve to be a part of this larger media conversation, part of this larger public dialog and outcry to save the lives of young black and brown people too. So that has been so impressive. And I point that out because it's important for us to name our victories and I think that narrative shift has happened because black people have said, "hey, wait a second, like, let's be a little bit more complicated about how we're talking about this gun violence issue," and the Parkland students have heard it and have been amplifying.
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2 days ago by Quercki
Introducing ‘Caliphate,’ a New York Times Audio Series - The New York Times
The New York Times has introduced a documentary audio series that follows Rukmini Callimachi, a foreign correspondent for The Times and a frequent voice on “The Daily,” as she reports on the Islamic State and the fall of the Iraqi city of Mosul. With the producer Andy Mills, Rukmini journeys to the heart of the conflict to grapple with the most pressing questions about ISIS and to comprehend the power and global pull of the militant group.
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4 days ago by kmclel1
RT : For those in the area: vigil and protest against based in light of Kathua and Unnao at…
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4 days ago by rajekas
The Epidemic of Wrongful Convictions in America
"The namesake “bad guys” in this book are allowed to exist because their work puts black men behind bars, not in spite of it."
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6 days ago by ingenu
50 Years After Dr. King’s Death, New Lessons for Today
"By the mid-1960s, Dr. King was sensing that the nonviolent resistance he had built his reputation on was inadequate. He continued to preach an ideal of reform-through-love, but he was starting to think about “a radical revolution of values.”"
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6 days ago by ingenu
Have wars and violence declined? | SpringerLink
"For over 150 years liberal optimism has dominated theories of war and violence. It has been repeatedly argued that war and violence either are declining or will shortly decline. There have been exceptions, especially in Germany and more generally in the first half of the twentieth century, but there has been a recent revival of such optimism, especially in the work of Azar Gat, John Mueller, Joshua Goldstein, and Steven Pinker who all perceive a long-term decline in war and violence through history, speeding up in the post-1945 period. Critiquing Pinker’s statistics on war fatalities, I show that the overall pattern is not a decline in war, but substantial variation between periods and places. War has not declined and current trends are slightly in the opposite direction. The conventional view is that civil wars in the global South have largely replaced inter-state wars in the North, but this is misleading since there is major involvement in most civil wars by outside powers, including those of the North. There is more support for their view that homicide has declined in the long-term, at least in the North of the world (with the United States lagging somewhat). This is reinforced by technological improvements in long-distance weaponry and the two transformations have shifted war, especially in the North, from being “ferocious” to “callous” in character. This renders war less visible and less central to Northern culture, which has the deceptive appearance of being rather pacific. Viewed from the South the view has been bleaker both in the colonial period and today. Globally war and violence are not declining, but they are being transformed."
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6 days ago by cshalizi

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