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My Thoughts on America in June of 2018 - Daniel Miessler
I feel like America is special, and that we should keep this equality and populist concept from the 50’s, where the boss only made like 3-5x what you made. And everyone still lived in the same neighborhood.

It’s not like that at all now. Not anymore

Star Trek is very equal. It’s equal because money has stopped being the focus, replaced by intellectual curiosity, public service, and other higher pursuits

Basic Needs - It's hard to earn things these days. That’s the problem.

They’re either given to us (not earned), or they’re impossible to earn no matter how hard you try.
politics  russia  economics  china  wealth  society  danielmiessler  startrek  suicide  happiness  violence 
8 hours ago by bwiese
Morphosis: Some Thoughts on Fantasy and Violence
The Poppy War has been well-reviewed in SF/Fantasty circles (I can see why) and has generated a good deal of positive buzz. And it is in many ways an impressive achievement, especially for a first novel. My beef is not with this one novel, but with what seems to me a particular aesthetic of somatic ultraviolence that is very widespread in contemporary culture. This, I think, is something distinct from other modes of representing violence. There are plenty of graphic and stomach-turning accounts of wounding and killing in the Iliad (say), but those, in their clinical precision and the counter-intuitive way they coolly describe the heat of battle, work very differently on the reader to a passage like the one quoted above. Homer never describes torture, or gratuitous violence. And for all that he gives us, in Simon Weil’s resonant phrase, a glimpse into Hell, a world ruled entirely by Force, Homer really isn’t interested in cruelty.

No: the source for that particular fascination in later literature is Sadean, and the vibe of contemporary body horror and atrocitypunk owes an unmistakeable, if sometimes subterranean, debt to Les 120 Journées de Sodome. Guillaume Apollinaire predicted that de Sade would ‘dominate the 20th century’ and I tend to think he's been proved right, at least so far as the prevelant constellation of eroticised violence and cruelty is concerned. Are we crueller, in our art, than we used to be? Why might it be that our collective preferences where art is concerned is crueller than our actual lived experiences? It’s a move that predates the relative deracination of social interaction occasioned by social media, I think. But I wonder if our ubiquitous social media have acted as an accelerant.
AdamRoberts  violence  ThePoppyWar  RFKuang  review 
19 hours ago by jdmartinsen
How I Broke, and Botched, the Brandon Teena Story | Village Voice
The regrets of the person who wrote the story, which wound up being the inspiration for the movie "Boys Don't Cry."

What we've learned about trans people has changed much over the years. It's good when people recognize the change.
gender  media  culture  glbt  transgender  crime  violence  toread 
yesterday by moose
Steal A Broken Dream
Jared is a genie and Jensen is a thief who keeps forgetting the exit password to Jared's cave.12,304
jensen/jared  J2  cursed  pining  romance  non-con  violence  homophobia  hurt!jensen  angst 
yesterday by Misspookielo
Child abuse in ICE detention
Court case with testimony from teenagers beaten by guards
children  immigration  abuse  violence  trump  politics 
yesterday by nelson
The Necessity of Juneteenth
"The most famous Emancipation holiday is more necessary now than it has ever been."
event  usa  history  violence  race 
3 days ago by ingenu
Residential schools in Canada - interactive map
"The residential school system separated 150,000 Indigenous children from their families — and the last one closed in 1996." Use the interactive map to find out where the schools were across Canada. Credit to Shingwauk Residential School Centre, Algoma University.
aboriginal  discrimination  education  violence  racism  Canada 
3 days ago by kmo
Above Us Only Sky by Fatebegins
For seven years, Jensen has survived on his hatred for Jared Padalecki. For seven years, he's systematically torn down their empire. Now, it's time for his revenge
Fic  SPNRPF  Slash  Jared/Jensen  AU  Mafia  Mpreg  Dark  Revenge  Violence  Established_Relationship  WC:50K-100K  Jun2018  Rec 
4 days ago by paraka
Privacy & Safety on Facebook: A Guide for Survivors
"The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) and Facebook have teamed up to offer tips for survivors of abuse so that you can still use Facebook but maintain safety and control over your
information. This guide is aimed at helping survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking with how to use Facebook in a way that ensures that they stay connected with friends and family, but control their safety and privacy to help prevent misuse by abusers, stalkers, and perpetrators to stalk and harass."
guide  Facebook  socialmedia  USA  security  violence  privacy 
5 days ago by kmo

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