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Screen Art: 9845C Demo
History of color art in gaming, from 1980. Good thread
dblooper  games  design  vintage  ideas 
4 days ago by colindocherty
'Mad Men' set decorator Amy Wells on the best Pasadena vintage shops - Los Angeles Times
my Wells with Susan Katora

Wells examines a decorative enamel, possibly by midcentury designer Harris Strong at Vintage! Vintage! Vintage!, a shop run by Susan Kotora, right, in the Pasadena Antique Center. "They have everything from Victorian to Art Deco, Hollywood Regency and Palm Springs modern," Wells says of the sprawling two-story antique mall. Among her regular stops: Now/Again for ornate furniture, MJH Design Arts for Baroque and neo-classical antiques, Jack W. Smith for Art Deco, and the Modern Zoo and Bonita Interiors for lacquered traditional pieces used in "Mad Men"
vintage  furniture  art  accessories  CA  losangeles  shopping  visit  visual  color  style 
13 days ago by theeditedword
the toilet seeks your validation : surrealmemes
r/surrealmemes: Surreal memes are (usually humorous) memes that are in a surreal style or contain surreal content. Such memes may be difficult to understand for mere mortals. In the future most memes will look like this. ༼∩✿ل͜✿༽⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚

✔️ To become an approved submitter, follow the instructions in the rules below. || Requests coming from the "REQUEST TO POST" button are ignored. 🚫
surrealism  memes  video  vintage 
14 days ago by colindocherty

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