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“By bypassing many of the traditional gatekeepers of entertainment, we have seen an entirely new class of celebrity emerge.”
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11 days ago by jasdev
Gridsome - Vue.js-powered static site generator
Gridsome is a Vue-powered static site generator for building CDN-ready websites and apps for any headless CMS or data source
5 weeks ago by marcusrelacion
Facebook ends platform policy banning apps that copy its features • TechCrunch
Josh Constine:
<p>Facebook will now freely allow developers to build competitors to its features upon its own platform. Today Facebook announced it will drop Platform Policy section 4.1, which stipulates “Add something unique to the community. Don’t replicate core functionality that Facebook already provides.”

That policy felt pretty disingenuous given how aggressively Facebook has replicated everyone else’s core functionality, from Snapchat to Twitter and beyond. Facebook had previously enforced the policy selectively to hurt competitors that had used its Find Friends or viral distribution features. Apps like Vine, Voxer, MessageMe, Phhhoto and more had been cut off from Facebook’s platform for too closely replicating its video, messaging or GIF creation tools. Find Friends is a vital API that lets users find their Facebook friends within other apps.</p>

This, after it killed off apps like Vine and so on.
facebook  apps  vine 
7 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Vine co-founder plans to launch successor Byte in Spring 2019
Vine — the much loved and mourned short video hosting platform — will return, kind of, sort of. Co-creator Dom Hofmann announced on Twitter today that its spiritual successor is set to arrive next spring. Details? We don’t have many. Though Hofmann did give us a name — Byte — and logo to match. From the sound out of, things will operate similarly to Vine, with short, looping videos. So far it’s got a domain and a couple of admittedly clunky social media handles.
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10 weeks ago by motiveunknown
RT : They may take our Vines... but they'll never take our dog dancing to Toto.
Vine  from twitter
september 2018 by kcarruthers
Vine and transformed the music industry – then they disappeared. Will history repeat itself?
In particular, one common thread connecting the financial struggles of SoundCloud, Vine and is that those companies tried to bolster an otherwise innovative, influential cultural product with a much more traditional, old-fashioned business model. In the case of SoundCloud, the problem was that the company tried to finance its core underground scenes and open-distribution philosophy through paid subscriptions to mainstream, major-label products on the same platform. With Vine and, they arguably leaned too heavily on traditional advertising models and/or blockbuster celebrity appeal in an attempt to gain market share over their big-tech rivals, rather than providing better financial incentives to their vibrant “middle class” of creators. As a result, the creators left—and so did those companies’ foundations.
dd  musically  vine  SoundCloud 
september 2018 by motiveunknown
Vine and transformed the music industry – then they disappeared. Will history repeat itself? • Music Business Worldwide
Cherie Hu:
<p> [was] a selfie lip-syncing video app headquartered in Shanghai, China that had counted over 100 million monthly active users as of last month.

What was most compelling about to label execs and investors alike was its ability to capture one of the most valuable yet volatile age demographics: young teens. According to Apptopia, around 43% of’s users in the U.S. as of June were 18 years or younger.

As with Vine, major labels and agencies pounced on the opportunity to tap into this young, captive audience, inking record and touring deals with personalities like Jacob Sartorius, Baby Ariel and Loren Gray. In November 2017, Chinese tech company Bytedance acquired in a deal reportedly worth between $800m and $1bn, in an effort to expand the video app’s highly-engaged communities into key markets in Asia and other continents.

Yet, as recently as March 2018, execs were still admitting that they were hard-pressed to find an effective monetization model for their app. Meanwhile, industry execs were beginning to doubt’s long-term impact on culture.

In June, Bobby Simms, strategic advisor to the Midem conference, said that would not be considered in social-media calculations for the upcoming Midem Music Awards in 2019. “If we had held these awards two years ago, would have probably been included as a relevant platform,” said Simms. “But now, not so much.”

Finally, last month, Bytedance announced that it would be folding into TikTok, another owned-and-operated video platform focused on live-streaming. </p>
musically  vine 
september 2018 by charlesarthur
Who Is Gavin, the Meme Kid?
Well, “some kid” is underselling it: Gavin is the 5-year-old nephew of Vine star Nick Mastodon, a 30-year-old from Minnesota who was one of Vine’s earliest stars thanks to his videos combining Disney movies with Top 40 hits. In November of 2013, he made the viral “Suck a Dick” vine (22 million loops and counting) with his friend Dustin Hatzenbuhler.
memes  gavin  nick-mastodon  vine  brian-feldman 
september 2018 by yolandaenoch

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