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Vim Bootstrap
A generator to provide a baseline vim config
editor  development  config  generator  vimrc  programming  configuration  vim  bootstrap  dev 
5 weeks ago by devnulled
logbook/ at master · shmup/logbook
Contribute to logbook development by creating an account on GitHub.
vimrc  netrw 
9 weeks ago by grimgrin
mdwhatcott/VimConfig: Configuration files, plugins, and color schemes for vim
VimConfig - Configuration files, plugins, and color schemes for vim
december 2017 by geetarista
A Good Vimrc
a good description of what should be on a vimrc file
editor  productivity  vim  vimrc 
december 2017 by xoner
Vim config for Rails ninjas - Mix & Go
RT @MasteringVim: Vim config for Rails ninjas
vim  config  tips  vimrc 
november 2017 by bishbashbosh
KensoDev/dotvim: An attempt at The Ultimate Vim Configuration™ with focus on Rails development.
dotvim - An attempt at The Ultimate Vim Configuration™ with focus on Rails development.
workflow  vim  vimrc  tmux 
november 2017 by julianf
Vim Bootstrap
Generates vimrc's specific to different programming languages.
vim  vimrc 
november 2017 by forkmantis

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