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A Good Vimrc
a good description of what should be on a vimrc file
editor  productivity  vim  vimrc 
4 days ago by xoner
Vim config for Rails ninjas - Mix & Go
RT @MasteringVim: Vim config for Rails ninjas
vim  config  tips  vimrc 
16 days ago by bishbashbosh
KensoDev/dotvim: An attempt at The Ultimate Vim Configuration™ with focus on Rails development.
dotvim - An attempt at The Ultimate Vim Configuration™ with focus on Rails development.
workflow  vim  vimrc  tmux 
23 days ago by julianf
Vim Bootstrap
Generates vimrc's specific to different programming languages.
vim  vimrc 
4 weeks ago by forkmantis
vim-sensible/sensible.vim at master · tpope/vim-sensible
vim-sensible - sensible.vim: Defaults everyone can agree on
vim  tpope  defaults  vimrc 
7 weeks ago by maryisbusy
A Good Vimrc
There is just one rule you must follow when crafting your own .vimrc.

Don't put any lines in your vimrc that you don't understand.

There are tons of tutorials such as this one on the internet that contain all kinds of awesome hacks to make your Vim better, but the absolute worst way to make your environment better is to just copy it wholesale from others.

Spending the time to actually learn what's going into the construction of your editor is invaluable. In the same way that copying notes off a projector by hand often leads to increased information retention, adding features one by one to your vimrc aids in overall Vim comprehension.
vimrc  configuration  vim  editor  tutorial 
11 weeks ago by awhite
majewsky/devenv: My personal development environment (dotfiles, e.g. zshrc and vimrc)
devenv - My personal development environment (dotfiles, e.g. zshrc and vimrc)
dotfiles  vimrc 
august 2017 by geetarista
vim: persistent :set syntax for a given filetype? - Stack Overflow
Is there a way to persistently set the syntax highlighting for a specific file type in vim?
vim  vimrc  syntax  filetype 
august 2017 by clepple

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