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How do I emulate a keypress inside a Vim function? - Stack Overflow
literal tab or CTRL+C other characters

" Press CTRL-Y:
normal <Ctrl+v><Ctrl+y>
vim  tab  literal  character  characters 
14 hours ago by dza
GitHub - zenorocha/dracula-theme
zenorocha/dracula-theme - Added December 04, 2014 at 04:14PM
cli  devmachine  devtools  read2of  vim  zsh 
yesterday by xenocid
Vim Cheat Sheet - English
A mobile friendly VIM cheat sheet
vim  reference  cheatsheet 
yesterday by freddy
Practical Vim, Second Edition: Edit Text at the Speed of Thought by Drew Neil | The Pragmatic Bookshelf
Quickly learn Vim’s core functionality and tackle your trickiest editing and writing tasks to become a more efficient developer--with more than 120 tips.
book  programming  vim 
2 days ago by morganwatch

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