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True colors in vim under tmux? : vim
Helped me fix my color scheme in vim. Turns out there are some specific tmux settings that you need.
vim  tmux  colors 
23 hours ago by stevenschobert
Setting up Vim to work with PowerShell / Julian Kay
set shell=powershell
set shellcmdflag=-command
vim  powershell 
yesterday by jgear
Ten Years of Vim | Matthias Endler
Before Vim, I had used many other editors like notepad or nano. They all behaved more or less as expected: you insert text, you move your cursor with the arrow keys or your mouse, and you save with Control + S or by using the menu bar. VI (and Vim, its spiritual successor) is different.

EVERYTHING in Vim is different, and that's why it's so highly effective. Let me explain.
yesterday by johanl

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