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Vim Essentials – A Guide to Transitioning from GUI Editors to Vim
A short guide for transitioning to Vim from GUI text editors like VS Code and Sublime. Get up to speed by learning the most essential commands.
yesterday by narven
My Favorite Vim Commands from My 1st Year as a Vim User
I’ve been using vim as my primary text editor for a little over a year now. I’m going to share some of my favorite vim commands that I’ve discovered.
yesterday by narven
Resizing Windows - Learning the vi and Vim Editors, 7th Edition [Book]
clicking the bottom of the gvim frame makes the window one line smaller. Cause unclear so far, but looks like a mapping to "Ctrl-W Minus"

"CTRL-W- decreases the current window height by one line. Vim also has an ex command that lets you decrease the window size explicitly. For example, the command resize -4 decreases the current window by four lines and gives those lines to the window below it."
vi  vim  gvim  resize  click  frame  one  line  smaller 
yesterday by theskett
vimrc - vim : toggle number with relativenumber - Super User
The key thing here is :

set nu! #toggle line numbers
set rnu! #toggle relativenumber
yesterday by shearichard

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