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From the Ashes of Notre-Dame
The column I was writing before the fire was mostly a lament for what the document’s reception betokened: A general inability, Catholic and secular, to recognize that both the “conservative” and “liberal” accounts of the sex abuse crisis are partially correct, that the spirits of liberation and clericalism each contributed their part, that the abuse problem dramatically worsened during the sexual revolution (a boring empirical fact if you spend any time with the data or the history) even as it also had roots in more traditional patterns of clerical chauvinism, hierarchical arrogance, institutional self-protection.The cathedral will be rebuilt; the cross and altar and much of the interior survived. But all preservation is provisional. The real challenge for Catholics, in this age of general post-Christian cultural exhaustion, is to look at what our ancestors did and imagine what it would mean to do that again, to build anew, to leave something behind that could stand a thousand years and still have men and women singing “Salve Regina” outside its cruciform walls, as Parisians did tonight while Notre-Dame burned.What is the synthesis that could make that possible? What lies beyond the stalemates and scandal and anger of our strange two-pope era?Go ask the Catholics of 3019 A.D. It’s for them to know, and us, if God wills it, to find out.
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2 days ago by thomas.kochi
Miamimagazine: Ending the weekend with the best views ☀️ ☁️ PC edmonddantes84…
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4 days ago by wisecatrealtors
The question Warren Buffett would ask presidential candidates
Warren Buffett revealed the question he’d ask to test the authenticity of presidential candidates.I would like to ask a candidate: What are you for that majority of your followers are against?” candidate who was not afraid to answer that question — Bernie Sanders..he was authentic, “And if you asked him you what he was for, that most people might be against, he would tell you.”“And number one, I want a president that wakes up every morning and realizes that the greatest threat to a country which has got all kinds of things going for it are weapons of mass destruction.”“I want a president that also feels that, if GDP is $60,000 per capita in the United States, that nobody should get left behind. We've got a market system that works marvelously in churning out more goods and services Better ones, year after year. Done it all through my life, “...So we have to take care of the people that the market system doesn't take care of, while spewing out huge riches for the people who do fit well. And that can be done.”
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9 days ago by thomas.kochi
Miamimagazine: Is it to early to start the weekend? ☀️ 🌴
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21 days ago by wisecatrealtors
Taipei Zoo (Wenshan) - 2019 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) - TripAdvisor
From WiFi Triber: "One thing that may miss your radar is the Taipei zoo and the Gondola ride to it.. Taiwan is amazingly lush and the Maokong Gondola is next level & the views of the City from it are pretty great."
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5 weeks ago by dandv
Ilhan Omar, Aipac and Me
The other thing that Omar and I have in common, as others have noted, is that we both don’t like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac) — the organization at the center of the Israel lobby — and have spoken in very blunt language about its strong-arm political tactics.Americans’ affinity with Israel is rooted in a respect for Israel’s ability to maintain a democracy, albeit with flaws, in a sea of autocratic regimes; it is rooted in a Judeo-Christian religious affinity; and it is rooted in respect for Israel’s contributions to technology, medicine and science. Aipac is the beneficiary of that support, not the cause of itBut Aipac has abused that privilege. And it is utterly fooling itself if doesn’t understand that there are more than a few Americans, especially on college campuses but not only there, who are enjoying watching Omar give it a punch right in the face. ... I am not dual loyal. I always put America first, but I want to see Israel thrive — just like many Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, Indian-Americans and others feel about their ancestral homelands.
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6 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
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