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Karen Kilbane, on the dangers of seeing other people from *your* point of view
what she says is off, somehow (and I say this as a therapist), but there's something really important in this
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august 2016 by GreggInCA
Diversity, Political Correctness, and the Power of Language
"You want to write a character with a different race, sexual orientation, religion, gender ID than yours? Okay. But before you set that character loose into the world, do some basic research."
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may 2016 by elwarre
STEPS project final report
Alan Kay's STEPS project final report to the NSF, Oct 2012.
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may 2016 by rafaeldff
The Four Rs of Writing Characters of the Opposite Gender
"In order to create powerful male narrators, I had to do a lot of preparation. I used four methods: reading, research, recollection, and review."
writing_tips  character_development  viewpoints 
may 2016 by elwarre
How to Build Subplots from Multiple Viewpoints
"It is perfectly possible to write a breakout novel from the protagonist’s perspective alone. So how do you know whether to include a particular subplot or let it drop? The answer lies in a subplot’s contribution to the overall novel. Is it mere diversion, as in the oft-attempted-but-rarely- successful “comic relief” subplot? If so, it should be cut. On the other hand, if it complicates, bears upon, or mirrors or reverses the main plot, then it adds value."
writing_tips  plot  subplots  viewpoints 
april 2016 by elwarre

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