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Twitch just passed MSNBC and CNN for January viewers • Dotesports
Ana Valens:
<p>It's no secret that Twitch is one of the internet's most popular streaming services. But now, its numbers are challenging traditional cable television. New statistics reveal that Twitch's January viewership was higher than both CNN and MSNBC's figures.

Last month, Twitch clocked in 962,000 average concurrent viewers throughout the month, which amounts to a 22% increase from January 2017 and a 26 percent increase since December, reports. The site also revealed that Twitch's January viewership beat out both MSNBC and CNN, who reportedly featured 885,000 and 783,000 watchers for their total day viewership during Jan. 2018, respectively.

While Twitch performed well for January, it didn't necessarily beat out the U.S.'s biggest cable networks. Fox News Channel and ESPN both reported 1.5 million viewers for total day viewership, beating out Twitch by over 500,000 viewers. But with Twitch close to reaching over 1 million viewers on average, its January 2018 figure isn't something to scoff at by any means. Cable television has a hefty competitor.</p>

Something is wayyyy off about those numbers for CNN and MSNBC - and Fox. Pretty sure they net loads more viewers than that. Is this just measuring concurrent viewers?
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february 2018 by charlesarthur

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