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Vietnam suspends local news website on accusation of false news
The Vietnamese news website Tuoi Tre Online was suspended and fined over its alleged publication of false information, CPJ reports. The site, which is state-owned, had its license suspended and was fined about $10,000 USD for misquoting Vietnamese President Tan Dai Quang "endorsing a law on public demonstrations."

CPJ: "'We condemn this blatant act of censorship in Vietnam's already highly restricted news environment,' said Shawn Crispin, CPJ's Southeast Asia representative...On Monday, Vietnam's Ministry of Information and Communication announced that the state-run publication would be suspended for three months and fined 20 million dong (US$10,000) for a June 19 report that authorities said misquoted President Tan Dai Quang endorsing a law on public demonstrations. The Tuoi Tre report came amid a crackdown on demonstrators who protested across the country against two controversial laws on special economic zones and cybersecurity. The ministry said the report was 'untrue' and caused 'severe impacts,' news reports citing the statement said."
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The White Man, Unburdened | Quinn Slobodian & Stuart Schrader
Murray thinks people everywhere distrust centralized government because Thai farmers distrusted paramilitary search teams
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English - VietNamNet News
Airbus, a European aircraft manufacturer, on June 27 clinched two agreements with the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH), wherein the European firm will provide funding of US$2.5 million for aviation training at USTH between 2018 and 2023.
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