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.@viettan breaks down Hanoi’s “Cybersecurity” Law
"Striking against peaceful expression, Vietnam’s National Assembly passed a cybersecurity law to increase regulation and control over online activity. While the Vietnamese government had previously issued decrees on the management of internet services and online content, the new cybersecurity law is the first to specify that foreign companies must store user data in Vietnam and be subject to domestic law. Similar to other laws and decrees, the language used in the cybersecurity law is vague and open to interpretation. Much like the current Vietnamese penal code, the cybersecurity law provides the police with sweeping authority to arrest people under the guise of 'national security.' Due to take into effect on January 1, 2019, the cybersecurity law will be enforced by the Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Information and Communications." - Viet Tan
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14 hours ago by dmcdev
Seadrift: Vietnamese Refugees, Texans, and the KKK
In 1979, a fatal shooting in Seadrift, Texas ignites a resurgence of the KKK and a maelstrom of hostilities against Vietnamese refugees
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yesterday by jellis
Vietnam – Explore Parts Unknown
The homepage for all things Bourdain Parts Unknown in Vietnam.
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3 days ago by noodlepie
About DNES
DNES is an Da Nang - based incubator focusing on helping seed-stage startups take off the ground. The incubator provides hands-on support with learning, office space, mentorship and networking opportunities. Selected startups will participate in a program focused on fundamentals such as product-market fit, go-to-market, HR/team and fundraising. DNES is a public-private partnership incubator, the only one of its kind. It has been accelerating over 30 founders in 4 batches since 2016.
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8 days ago by oheredia

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