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Plastic industry fears bankruptcy as scrap import ban bites - Economy - Vietnam News | Politics, Business, Economy, Society, Life, Sports - VietNam News
" Trần Vũ Lê, its director, said: “We have signed contracts to supply plastic through the year but now we cannot because of lack of raw materials.

“Locally recycled plastic cannot be used because of poor quality.

“Now we have two choices: One is to pay compensation to our customers [because we cannot supply], the other is to use non-recycled plastic instead of scrap. In the latter case we will suffer 10 per cent losses instead of making 10 per cent profits.”

The Việt Nam Plastics Association also warned of huge losses for the industry.

Around 5,000 containers of plastic scrap are being held at ports for up to two months now and importers have to pay charges of US$50–100 per container per day of delay.

Each container is worth $10,000."
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