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« earlier Microsoft Windows 95 Video Guide - 1995 - Jennifer Aniston & Matthew Perry (friends)
The instructional video, which you can watch above, was sold in electronics stores in the 1990s, but we haven’t been able to dig up any information on sales or budget. The plot is simple: Anniston and Perry visit the office of Bill Gates, who never turns up, to audition for a role in the Microsoft Windows 95 Video Guide. Yes, the very video you’re watching—‘the 90s was all about self-reference. While there, the actors are introduced to its features by a cast of characters like Boris the maintenance guy, who explains “plug and play,” martial arts guru Jeff Lee, who explains right clicking, and video game addict Joystick Johnny, who challenges Aniston to a game of 3D Pinball. It’s all comically outdated, but some things never change: even in 1995, looking at cat photos was already the internet’s favorite past-time.
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14 hours ago by mikael
Data Series: Platform: SQL Server - Microsoft Virtual Academy
series of videos about the history and features of MS SQL Server, by Marko Hotti, one of Microsoft's top SQL Server folks
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2 days ago by MaxBarraclough

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