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UX Without Users isn't UX (Video)
Summary: Many organizations claim to be user-centric. Yet they fail to include users in the development process. Without customer input, organizations risk creating bad interfaces.
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19 hours ago by ndstyles
How EFL drives financial inclusion - YouTube
Title: How EFL drives financial inclusion Description: Three billion people lack the credit history lenders require to make a loan. EFL's universal credit score allows lenders to quickly score and select the best people to say yes to, where others are forced to say no. EFL uses psychometrics and behavioral science to leverage something all of us has - a personality - to effectively score anyone, anywhere, at any time. Hear from EFL's founders and individuals around the world who took the EFL assessment to receive a loan. Liked at: October 16, 2017 at 09:32PM
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19 hours ago by KoenB
Convert tweets into real GIF or MP4 files.
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19 hours ago by shaniber
Production - Designing for Testability
Michael Bryzek explores what it’s like to build quality software with no development, QA, or staging environments. He includes a deep dive into “verification in production” and what it really takes to build software that can safely be tested continuously in production.
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20 hours ago by mwunsch

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