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Vimm's Lair: The Vault
"The Vault contains every game ever released in the US for eleven classic systems"
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11 days ago by techpeace
FAQ: Where can I buy cases?
Where to buy blank cases for your game collection via The Cover Project
gaming  video-games 
17 days ago by hadvil
The Case for Playing Fortnite with Your Kids – Youth, Now – Medium
Videogames do not represent our children’s fall from grace. It’s time to get in on the fun.
parenting  medium  video-games  gaming 
5 weeks ago by lendamico
A retro game engine for Python
"A retro game development environment in Python" Uses PICO-80 and TIC-80 palettes. Elsewhere, in a discussion of this, the (hit) video game Celeste is mentioned as a video game which was initially developed as a PICO-8 game. Remarkable!
python  video-games  computational-humanities  !beyond-seven-review 
5 weeks ago by beyondseven
Don Hopkins recommends this game and says that it is made for programmers and is addictive as fuck.
games  video-games  friends 
6 weeks ago by darkwater

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