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GS Game Days Sale Dec. 17-24 - Video Game Deals - Cheap Ass Gamer
https://www.gamestop...n/gamestop-sale Highlights: Hardware (PUR members only) Buy XB1X for $499.99, get download code for Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, and a $50 off next purchase coupon to your PUR active offers by Christmas. All PS4 1TB Slims for $249.99 Buy PS4 Pro for $399. via Pocket
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yesterday by dcolanduno
jaspervdj - Video: Getting things done in Haskell
If you are writing a medium-sized Haskell application for the very first time, you will typically end up with three modules: Types.hs, Utils.hs and Main.hs. While this is a very clear split, it typically doesn’t scale very well as applications become larger.
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yesterday by nicolashery
Ultimate 12 core Mac Pro Upgrade for 2017! - in 4k

- Flash Firmware and hardware upgrade
- Replace CPU (Xeon processors)
- Add RAM
- Add WiFi
- Replace GPU (graphic card)
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yesterday by davidgasperoni
(52) DigitalMarketer - Understanding "sequence in a relationship" is...
I've literally said this same exact thing. I might have a half-written blog post in my "Blog post / writing ideas" Google Doc.

keywords: sequencing
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yesterday by daguti
*DEAD* $39.99/$31.99 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle w/ free hat @ BB - Video Game Deals - Cheap Ass Gamer
Mario Rabbids is $31.99 today with GCU and says it comes with a weird rabbids mario hat. Can't find the hat near me, so YMMV on that one. via Pocket
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yesterday by dcolanduno

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