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Why 300,000 Volkswagens Are Being Stored In These Massive Auto Boneyards : The Two-Way : NPR
"As part of the settlement after it got caught cheating on its emissions tests, Volkswagen has bought back about 350,000 of its U.S. diesel vehicles. The automaker so far has spent more than $7.4 billion on the cars, according to court filings seen by Reuters. Where does VW put all those cars? Wherever it can find the space. (..)

A court filing seen by Reuters said that through Dec. 31, "Volkswagen had reacquired 335,000 diesel vehicles, resold 13,000 and destroyed about 28,000 vehicles. As of the end of last year, VW was storing 294,000 vehicles around the country."

The Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville, Calif., is already well-known as an "aircraft boneyard" — a sort of desert purgatory for old airplanes. (..)

VW reportedly leased 134 acres at the site. That is enough to hold 21,000 cars while the company decides their fate: whether to be fixed — or scrapped for parts."
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