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The Future Of The Culture Wars Is Here, And It's Gamergate
The default assumption of the gaming industry has always been that its customer is a young, straight, middle-class white man, and so games have always tended to cater to the perceived interests of this narrow demographic. Gamergate is right about this much: When developers make games targeting or even acknowledging other sorts of people, and when video game fans say they want more such games, this actually does represent an assault on the prerogatives of the young, middle-class white men who mean something very specific when they call themselves gamers. Gamergate offers a way for this group, accustomed to thinking of themselves as the fixed point around which the gaming-industrial complex revolves, to stage a sweeping counteroffensive in defense of their control over the medium. The particulars may be different, and the stakes may be infinitely lower, but the dynamic is an old one, the same one that gave rise to the Know Nothing Party and the anti-busing movement and the Moral Majority. And this is the key to understanding Gamergate: There actually is a real conflict here, something like the one perceived by the Tea Partier waving her placard about the socialist Muslim Kenyan usurper in the White House.

There is a reason why, in all the Gamergate rhetoric, you hear the echoes of every other social war staged in the last 30 years: overly politically correct, social-justice warriors, the media elite, gamers are not a monolith. There is also a reason why so much of the rhetoric amounts to a vigorous argument that Being a gamer doesn't mean you're sexist, racist, and stupid—a claim no one is making. Co-opting the language and posture of grievance is how members of a privileged class express their belief that the way they live shouldn't have to change, that their opponents are hypocrites and perhaps even the real oppressors. This is how you get St. Louisans sincerely explaining that Ferguson protestors are the real racists, and how you end up with an organized group of precisely the same video game enthusiasts to whom an entire industry is catering honestly believing that they're an oppressed minority. From this kind of ideological fortification, you can stage absolutely whatever campaigns you deem necessary.


The above quote, captured by The Escapist, is perfect troll logic, as pure a distillate as you'll find of the 4chan hivemind. There are notes here, too, from a hymn book that predates the internet: self-pity, self-martyrdom, an overwhelming sense of your own blamelessness, the certainty that someone else's victimhood is nothing more than a profitable pose. All culture wars strike these same chords, because all culture wars are at bottom about the same thing: the desperate efforts of the privileged, in an ever-pluralizing America, to cling by their nails to the perquisites of what they'd thought was once their exclusive domain.
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10 days ago by petej
The Scholar's Stage: Honor, Dignity, and Victimhood: A Tour Through Three Centuries of American Political Culture
America has been atomized; her citizens live alone, connected but weakly one to another. Arrayed against each is a set of vast, impersonal bureaucracies that cannot be controlled, only appealed to.

A "Culture of Victimhood" is a perfectly natural response to this shift in the distribution of power. Remember that the central purpose of moral cultures is to help resolve or deter disputes. Dignity cultures provide a moral code to regulate disputes among equals from the same community. They also help individuals in a community--citizens--organize to protect their joint interests. 21st century America has lost this ability to organize and solve problems at the local level. The most effective way to resolve disputes is appeal to the powerful third parties: corporations, the federal government, or the great mass of people weakly connected by social media. The easiest way to earn the sympathy of these powers is to be the unambiguous victim in the dispute.
victimhood  culture  politics 
august 2019 by yorksranter
בזכות השכחה - דעות - הארץ
בזמן האחרון אני הולך ומשתכנע, שלא תסכול אישי, כגורם פוליטי-חברתי, מניע את החברה הישראלית ביחסה לפלשתינאים, אלא חרדה קיומית עמוקה, הניזונה מפרשנות מסוימת של לקחי השואה, ומהנכונות להאמין שהעולם כולו נגדנו ואנחנו הקורבן הנצחי. אני רואה באמונה עתיקת יומין זו, שכה רבים שותפים לה כיום, את ניצחונו הטרגי של היטלר. מאושוויץ יצאו, בניסוח סמלי, שני עמים: מיעוט הטוען "זה לעולם לא יקרה עוד", ורוב מבוהל וחרד הטוען "זה לעולם לא יקרה לנו עוד".

איני רואה סכנה גדולה יותר לעתידה של מדינת ישראל מאשר העובדה שהשואה הוחדרה בשיטתיות ובעוצמה לתודעתו של כל הציבור הישראלי, גם לאותו חלק שלא עבר את השואה, וכן לדור הבנים שנולדו וגדלו כאן. בפעם הראשונה אני מבין את חומרת מעשינו, כאשר במשך עשרות שנים שלחנו כל ילד וילד בישראל לבקר שוב ושוב ב"יד ושם". מה רצינו שילדים רכים יעשו בחוויה הזאת? דיקלמנו באטימות מוחין ואף באטימות לב, ומבלי לפרש – "זכור"! לשם מה? מה אמור הילד לעשות בזיכרונות אלה? בעבור רבים מאוד תמונות הזוועה עשויות להתפרש כקריאה לשנאה. "זכור" יכול להתפרש כקריאה לשנאה מתמשכת ועיוורת.
ייתכן שחשוב שהעולם הגדול יזכור. גם בזה איני בטוח, אבל בכל מקרה זו אינה דאגתנו. כל עם ועם, לרבות הגרמנים, יחליט בדרכו הוא ומתוך שיקוליו אם רצונו לזכור. עלינו, לעומת זאת, לשכוח. איני רואה היום תפקיד פוליטי וחינוכי חשוב יותר למנהיגי האומה הזאת מאשר להתייצב לצד החיים, להתמסר לבניית עתידנו, ולא לעסוק, השכם והערב, בסמלים, בטקסים ובלקחי השואה. עליהם לשרש את שליטתו של ה"זכור" ההיסטורי על חיינו.
Holocaust  identity  important  victimhood  Israel  Palestinians  occupation 
may 2019 by elizrael
Don’t expect Brexit to give us a British Alexander Hamilton | Rafael Behr | Opinion | The Guardian
This represents the confluence of two streams of British political culture. One is anti-intellectualism – admiring the gentleman dilettante who gets by on bluff and charm, socially superior to the sweaty scholarship boy who over-thinks and over-works. The other is moral complacency in holding up victory over fascism in 1945 as proof of eternal immunity to dangerous dogmas.
UK  Brexit  nationalism  delusion  victimhood  entitlement  noDeal  hardship  anti-intellectualism  complacency  politics  dctagged  dc:creator=BehrRafael 
december 2018 by petej
Donna Zuckerberg: ‘Social media has elevated misogyny to new levels of violence’ | Books | The Guardian
While there is animosity between some factions of the manosphere – Zuckerberg shows us, for instance, the petty conflicts online between PUAs and the men’s human rights movement – the common denominator, she says, remains “the use of ancient literature to represent an aspirational ideal of a world they wish they inhabited. They idealise a model that erases much of the social progress that has been made in the last 2,000 years.”
ZuckerbergDonna  misogyny  anti-feminism  hatred  PetersonJordan  stoicism  misinformation  conspiracyTheory  victimhood  manosphere  classics  pseudo-intellectualism  socialMedia  incels 
november 2018 by petej
Tommy Robinson and the far right’s new playbook | World news | The Guardian
The real challenge posed by the far right is its success at spreading anti-Muslim and xenophobic attitudes in society at large. The best defence is a political movement that has anti-racism at its core and seeks to give people greater democratic control over the way their society is organised and run. But this is about more than politics as a professional occupation: it involves all of us, and it is a matter of culture and institutions as much as elections or parliamentary debates. The leading far-right activists understand this, and the campaign around Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is just one symptom of a bigger problem – which must be challenged, locally and internationally, before it starts to do serious damage.
UK  politics  farRight  extremism  Islamophobia  RobinsonTommy  racism  xenophobia  EDL  contemptOfCourt  freedomOfSpeech  immigration  multiculturalism  BannonStephen  Breitbart  Internet  RebelMedia  FLA  DFLA  BNP  FrontNational  culture  9/11  warOnTerror  victimhood  media  publicity  authenticity  class  identity  austerity  exclusion  deindustrialisation  decline  dctagged  dc:creator=TrillingDaniel 
october 2018 by petej
Why is the far right dominated by men? | Cas Mudde | Opinion | The Guardian
But just like extreme right groups, many radical right parties espouse a strongly gendered discourse, in which they appeal to a frail masculinity, threatened by emasculating feminists, effeminate liberals, and overly virile “Others”. While women are mainly presented as victims, particularly of the latter – rape of white women by non-white men is an age-old favorite of the far right – men are called upon to protect their “nation” or “race”.

By defending their nation, and protecting their fragile women and children, men will not only regain their masculinity vis-a-vis “Other” men (eg black men, immigrants, Muslims) but also vis-a-vis their women. It restores the “natural” gender roles that decades of “cultural Marxism” threaten to destroy – which is, for example, why Viktor Orbán’s government is trying to shut down the gender studies departments in Hungary.
USA  politics  farRight  extremism  men  masculinity  victimhood  fear  nationalIdentity  gender  race  culture 
august 2018 by petej

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