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Sirens Are Actually Bird-Bodied Messengers of Death, Not Sexy Mermaids - VICE
Over time, artists transformed these morbid songstresses from horrific bird women into seductive femme-fatales.
2 hours ago by thx1138
This deepfake of Mark Zuckerberg tests Facebook’s fake video policies | VICE
A fake video of Mark Zuckerberg giving a sinister speech about the power of Facebook has been posted to Instagram. UW research from the College of Engineering is referenced.
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5 days ago by uwnews
Active Ingredient in Shrooms Could ‘Reset’ Brains of Depressed People - VICE
Next year, researchers plan to test psilocybin against a leading antidepressant.
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6 days ago by thx1138
Mysterious hole in Antarctic sea ice explained by robots and seals | VICE
A gigantic hole in Antarctica’s sea ice has perplexed scientists for decades. Now, with the help of robots, satellites and seals with sensors strapped to their heads, a team of researchers has discovered that climate, salt levels and an underwater mountain all contribute to the weird recurring phenomenon, according to a new study. Ethan Campbell, a UW doctoral student in oceanography, is quoted.
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6 days ago by uwnews
Radiohead Officially Release 18 Hours of Leaked 'OK Computer' Sessions - VICE
Last week, 18 hours of material from Radiohead’s OK Computer recording sessions from 1995 to 1998 were leaked online. The group has long been transparent about their process, often releasing demos, b-sides, and outtakes from their catalog. But these files, which were allegedly minidiscs hacked from Thom Yorke’s personal collection, were a vast treasure trove of creativity-in-progress from their most ubiquitous album. Among the many cool things contained in the data dump included an exciting first pass of their b-side “Lift,” originally unveiled their expanded 2017 reissue of the LP OKNOTOK, along with early versions of later Radiohead songs like “Nude,” “Life In A Glass House,” and alternate mixes of every album cut.

However cool and exciting these releases were for diehards, they still weren’t initially shared with the consent of the band. Because Radiohead largely hasn’t seemed to mind their music being shared for online, they officially released all of the leaked sessions on Bandcamp. In a statement, guitarist Jonny Greenwood explained, “We got hacked last week—someone stole Thom’s minidisk archive from around the time of OK Computer, and reportedly demanded $150,000 on threat of releasing it.”

“So instead of complaining—much—or ignoring it, we’re releasing all 18 hours on Bandcamp in aid of Extinction Rebellion," he continued. "Just for the next 18 days. So for £18 you can find out if we should have paid that ransom.”

On the Bandcamp link, Thom Yorke wrote of the release, “it’s not v interesting [and] there’s a lot of it.” Proceeds from the sessions will support Extinction Rebellion, a non-violent resistance movement combating climate change and ecological collapse. If you download the minidiscs, the tracklists are unorganized so these enterprising fans have made a Google Doc with timestamps to help people sift through all the material. Listen below.
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6 days ago by walt74
Vice Media Loses Its HBO Show and a Top Executive
Marc Tracy and John Koblin/The New York Times, June 10, 2019.
6 days ago by markcoddington
The Inside Story of Europe's First Narco-State - VICE
A young generation of Albanians are caught between organized crime's politics, rampant unemployment, and the fast cash of Class A drugs.
11 days ago by thx1138
Siberia Could Become More Habitable Due to the Climate Crisis, Scientists Find - VICE
A large swath of Siberia could become habitable by 2080 because of the climate crisis, new research has found.

In a study published Thursday in Environmental Research Letters, researchers found that even modest climate changes, such as summer temperatures rising by 1.9 C, could allow for a "five-fold increase" in the capacity of the area to sustain human populations by the 2080s.

"Asian Russia is currently extremely cold. In a future warmer climate, food security in terms of crop distribution and production capability is likely to become more favourable for people to support settlements," said lead author Dr. Elena Parfenova in a press release.

Researchers from the Krasnoyark Federal Research Center of Russia and the National Institute of Aerospace in the United States looked at current and predicted climate scenarios in Asian Russia (east of the Urals toward the Pacific).

While the area makes up 77 percent of Russia, it currently only accounts for 27 percent of the population.

The team used increases in temperature and precipitation to see its effect on three key factors when it comes to whether humans can live in a certain place: ecological landscape potential (the ability to grow food on the land, for example), the severity of winters, and the presence of permafrost.

With more extreme temperature and precipitation increases, by the 2080s Asian Russia would have less permafrost coverage, decreasing from the current 65 percent to 40 per cent of the area, the team found—making the land seven times more favourable to humans.

The study is especially relevant considering that the climate crisis may "force us to cross borders and flee our native lands," said the authors.

But even if the physical conditions were favourable, the authors also note that political changes would also need to happen to get people to migrate to Siberia.

"Vast tracts of Siberia and the Far East have poorly developed infrastructure. The speed these developments happen depends on investments in infrastructure and agriculture, which in turn depends on the decisions that should be made soon," said Parfenova.
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11 days ago by walt74
The Man Behind The Dead Kennedy's Logo - YouTube
We sipped a few beers and reminisced with legendary punk artist and creator of the Dead Kennedys logo, Winston Smith. Check out more great interviews here: h...
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11 days ago by thx1138
Decomposing Bodies to Solve Cold Case Murders - YouTube
The number of missing persons and unidentified remains in the United States has been called “the nation’s silent mass disaster” by the National Institute of ...
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12 days ago by thx1138
Sangue evaporato e crani esplosi: come sono morte davvero le vittime del Vesuvio - VICE
Un nuovo studio dell'Università di Napoli ha messo in luce come le vittime di Ercolano siano morte in modo molto peggiore di come credevamo.
12 days ago by thx1138
There's a Huge ASCII Penis Hidden on the Ethereum Blockchain - VICE
Buried in the Ethereum blockchain, the cryptocurrency's public log of events, is a huge drawing of a penis. It'll be there forever, or for as long as the blockchain exists.

The crude text drawing of a dick, made with ASCII characters, is one of three works embedded in Ethereum by Swedish artists Ida Jonsson and Simon Saarinen. Besides Permanent Phallus , there's also Permanent Meme (an upside down "OK" sign which earns you a punch if you see it below the waist in the schoolyard), and Permanent Tag , a string of ASCII text which reads, "Ida and Simon were here."

People have long used blockchains, mainly Bitcoin, to store images and other arbitrary data permanently. It's not possible to overwrite or effectively change blockchain records except for in highly extraordinary circumstances. Last year, financial broker TD Ameritrade put an ad in the form of an ASCII drawing on the Bitcoin blockchain.

"We could have developed a webpage with our art that is connected to the blockchain, but then the art wouldn't have been permanent enough for us," Jonsson said in an email. "The idea was to create 'doodles' similar to those millions of kids (and adults) are drawings on toilets with sharpies, and spraying on walls with paint but this time forever on the blockchain. Sort of creating internet graffiti that is impossible to remove."

Read More: ASCII Porn Predates the Internet But It’s Still Everywhere

Johnsson and Saarinen hired developer Lavi Malik to help encode the works on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts. Anybody can look up the transactions and see the drawings using either a typical blockchain explorer (just navigate to the transaction input data and click the ASCII option or, on Etherscan, UTF-8) or a service specifically for viewing transaction data.

And if you're thinking to yourself, "Hey, this is pretty childish." Well, that's the point.

"Our artworks aim to be a manifestation against being adult," Jonsson said. "Blockchain is a very sophisticated and intellectual platform, and making something that seems like a pointless drawing on such platform felt very liberating."

In case you can't be bothered to check on the blockchain, here's Permanent Phallus:

Permanent Phallus by Ida Johnsson and Simon Saarinen.


Listen to CYBER, Motherboard’s new weekly podcast about hacking and cybersecurity.
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12 days ago by walt74
The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy - YouTube
The global economy is in crisis. The exponential exhaustion of natural resources, declining productivity, slow growth, rising unemployment, and steep inequal...
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17 days ago by thx1138
The climate crisis likely caused mass die-off of puffins | VICE
As many as 8,800 birds in the Bering Sea starved to death in late 2016, in part due to the climate crisis, says a new study. Timothy Jones, a research associate in aquatic and fishery sciences at the UW, is quoted.
Jones.Timothy  School:Aquatic&FisheriesSciences  College:Environment  !UWitM  2019  VICE  natl 
18 days ago by uwnews
Sirin Kale
specialise in long-form, heavily reported features, like my long-read into stag do deaths or erectile dysfunction, my deep dive into Men's Health cover transformation stories, or my investigation into when one night of binge drinking ruins your life. 
In 2018 I appeared on BBC Woman's Hour
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18 days ago by paulbradshaw

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