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Donald Knuth Was Framed • Buttondown
The famous incident where a six line shell script competed against a many-page literate programming script by Donald Knuth unfairly misrepresents the quality of the literate programming script.
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yesterday by mcherm
Breaking the Salary Sharing Taboo - The New York Times
The salary taboo is strong (and at odds with the law)). The actual research on salary publication is scarce, mixed, and summarized in this article.
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3 days ago by mcherm
Why Germans won’t heat their homes even with free electricity? | Kaikenhuipun blogi
Germany pays huge amounts to wind producers of electricity. Sometimes more than the entire market for electricity. Sometimes the price of electricity goes negative. But the taxes on consumer use of electricity remain large so it is not economical to use even at negative prices.
government  regulation  law  economics  via:HackerNews 
4 days ago by mcherm
Turing's silver hoard
Alan Turing hid 150 pounds of silver in the woods during WW2, never found it
turing  silver  hoard  money  investment  history  tootme  via:hackernews 
7 days ago by nelson
Mega list of 1 on 1 meeting questions compiled from a variety to sources
A really good list of questions to ask (from EITHER side) in a one-on-one with your manager.
management  career  via:HackerNews 
9 days ago by mcherm
Slow Web
Deliberately adding latency to addictive websites to soften their power
web  attention  via:hackernews  tootme 
12 days ago by nelson
How Big Technical Changes Happen at Slack - Several People Are Coding
Make it easy to play around with new tech, but don't allow anyone to mandate adoption -- so getting widespread acceptance requires selling others on the value of your new tool.
softwaredevelopment  via:HackerNews 
12 days ago by mcherm
Where are all the animated SVGs? · Animated SVG icon editor
Designers don't know how to code so no one is building animated SVGs. But it's too bad because they could be awesome.
svg  webdesign  drawing  via:HackerNews 
14 days ago by mcherm
A new lightweight web based GeoJSON viewer / editor
geojson  geo  gis  maps  tootme  via:hackernews 
15 days ago by nelson
Three weeks ago, I ordered a box of boxes from @PkgWholesalers, via @amazonca
He ordered boxes from Amazon. Their warehouse was shipping him random stuff that was packaged in these boxes instead.
bug  via:HackerNews 
15 days ago by mcherm
Single div Sierpinski triangle
CSS is a real mess of a language, capable of doing all kinds of things that it probably shouldn't be used to do.
css  via:HackerNews 
16 days ago by mcherm

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