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Some Things You Oughta Know When Working with Viewport Units
You'd expect that button in the graphic to be visible (assuming this element is at the top of the page and you haven't scrolled) since it's along the bottom edge of a 100vh element. But it's actually hidden behind the browser chrome in mobile browsers, including iOS Safari or Android Chrome.
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4 days ago by spaceninja
Some Things You Oughta Know When Working with Viewport Units | CSS-Tricks
about the 100vh problem on mobiles (it's calculated without including address bar height)
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5 days ago by piperh
Avoid 100vh On Mobile Web | chanind.github.io
Explains that 100vh on mobile sets vh to height of window with address panel hidden, so that when address bar is visible then window is smaller but vh won't update itself.
See comments at bottom for workarounds
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4 weeks ago by piperh
Avoid 100vh On Mobile Web
The core issue is that mobile browsers (I’m looking at you, Chrome and Safari) have a “helpful” feature where the address bar is sometimes visible and sometimes hidden, changing the visible size of the viewport. Rather than adjusting the height of 100vh to be the visible portion of the screen as the viewport height changes, these browsers instead have 100vh set to the height of the browser with address the address bar hidden. The result is that the bottom portion of the screen will be cut off when the address bar is visible, thus defeating the purpose of 100vh to begin with.
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4 weeks ago by spaceninja
The trick to viewport units on mobile | CSS-Tricks
(Mat Atkinson recommended this post in case you might ever need to read up on viewport units.)

“Viewport units have always been controversial and some of that is because of how mobile browsers have made things more complicated by having their own opinions about how to implement them.”
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august 2019 by handcoding
Responsive spacing with viewport and ch units
What I wanted with some elements of my site was some padding around them that was responsive to the viewport in both directions. The smaller the viewport — in either dimension, the tighter the element could be. When the user’s viewport was large, it could be very roomy. I found that using both vw and vh units made this quite easy — and without media queries.
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march 2019 by spaceninja
Soul Machines
Soul Machines is humanizing the interface between people and machines by
bringing technology to life with emotionally responsive digital humans.
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march 2019 by dgafni
CSS Units
https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css_units.asp ;;;
tags: CSS Units fontSize font size search for em rem vw vh vmin vmax ;;;
tags:: w3schools CSS Units fontSize font size search for em rem vw vh vmin vmax fontSize relatve to viewport screen width
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november 2018 by neerajsinghvns

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