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Extraweg | Creative Direction, Design & Animation
EXTRAWEG is the artistic name of Oliver Latta. /// EXTRAWEG.studio designs digital experiences that provoke emotion.
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11 days ago by raphman
origins of cinemachine
procedural camera composition, to be somewhat robust to changing animation
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4 weeks ago by blevin
The long and lonely death of Softimage - Features - Digital Arts
Note that SI(and later XSI) had the edge in UI and integrating the various components. ICE, the graphic node-based architecture was hailed.
The main nail was that the more general scripting system of Maya was used widely by the major VFX houses, which had their pipelines structured around MEL. SI probably couldn't keep up in the high-end market.
The note is that MEL is old and clunky, but the flexibility it provides is essential to the higher-end. SI's UI remains a good reference point.
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8 weeks ago by mechazoidal

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