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Nav 5: First time in Canberra, and in Class C airspace with airways clearances | MidLifePilot's Flying Blog
Date: 04/05/2011 Hours flown Dual Command Instruments This flight 3.90 0.00 0.00 Total to date 44.04 7.30 2.00 Last Wednesday - 4 May, after a break of nearly two weeks (the longest interval yet, since I started my flying training, in which I’ve not flown), I had a fantastic dual cross-country navigation flight to Canberra…
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october 2017 by Jeunj
Training Tip: Radar contact - AOPA
Being seen by ATC when receiving advisories is why some pilots—nowadays those flying aircraft not equipped with Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast In (ADS-B In) technology—point to the service as a reason not to file a VFR flight plan. But understanding that limitations of radar advisories make it a less-than-perfect substitute should cause you to evaluate your options on a case-by-case basis.
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september 2016 by cdzombak
honda vfr clutch problem need help - Honda Motorcycles - FireBlades.org
Okay, here is the definitive answer. Problem: your clutch slips at speed and the problem gets worse when your motorcycle is warmed up. Solution: At the bottom of the clutch master cylinder reservoir you will see a small chrome clip. This is a splatter guard to keep fluid from splattering when you activate your lever with the cover off. Carefully remove it using a toothpick so as not to damage it and you will see what appears to be a partially drilled hole. At the bottom of this is a tiny hole the size of a very small pin which gets clogged very easily especially if the fluid hasn't been changed for a while. This tiny approx. 1/128 inch hole allows just enough fluid to escape back into the reservoir to allow your clutch to fully engage. Your fluid expands when warm and that is why the problem is worse when the bike is hot. This hole is forward of the rubber plunger on the clutch piston so you can unclog it with a small pin without worrying about puncturing the rubber plunger inside. Be careful not to enlarge this hole. After doing this you will find that the clutch not only fully engages but the lever begins to engage almost immediately just like a brand new bike and it is easier to find neutral too. NOTE: It has nothing to do with your choice of oil and it is NOT your clutch plates being worn or soaked with oil. I use full synthetic Castrol 'Edge' in mine and due to the low friction my idle speed is up 700 RPMs which is very significant. Avoid oils that contain graphite as these will contaminate the clutch plates. EASY solution and I hope you pass this on as this applies to all Hondas with a hydraulic clutch but unfortunately none of the manuals I've read addresses this issue.
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august 2016 by roens

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