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Mill River Brewing
Mill River Brewing BBQ & Smokehouse is a family owned and operated brewpub located in Saint Albans, VT. What started as small gatherings among friends and family quickly became so much more when their hobby for brewing and cooking became a passion. Their dream of sharing their brews and recipes with others became a reality in the summer of 2017 when the doors opened at MRB. Their logo and name was inspired from their fond memories made growing up in Vermont and at Mill River in Georgia, VT.
Vermont  Local  Food 
yesterday by bfsmith9
Vermont State Parks - Alburgh Dunes
Welcome to Alburgh Dunes. This 625-acre property became a state park in 1996. It is named for the sand dunes near the center and western end of the south-facing, natural sand beach. This beach is amongst the longest beaches on Lake Champlain. The beach and dunes together make up what is known as a barrier island, geologically similar to coastal formations more common along ocean shorelines. At Alburgh Dunes, the sand has come from a layer of glacial till- the soil that was left atop the low bluffs southeast of the beach when the last glacier melted. The bluffs have eroded over thousands of years, and the soil carried off by lake currents. Sand from that soil settles out in the pocket between the rocky "Point of Tongue" to the east and "Coon Point" to the west, forming the beach. Prevailing southerly winds, in the late summer and fall when lake levels are the lowest, blow the sand back from shore, forming dunes. It's a barrier between the lakeshore and the wetland behind, and an island because the beach and dunes, however slowly, continue to migrate into and over the wetland. Deposits of exposed peat are visible on the low end of the beach or in the shallow water just offshore. This peat was formed in the wetland; as the beach and dunes have moved back the peat has been overlaid by sand. Erosion from the waves continues to uncover it.
Local  Vermont 
3 days ago by bfsmith9
Fairfax Community Library - Home
The Fairfax Community Library serves both the citizens of Fairfax as well as the students, faculty and staff of Bellows Free Academy. We are committed to assisting and encouraging all community members in their endeavor for self-education and/or recreational reading. The Library supports the curriculum of Bellows Free Academy. It provides the community with materials, reference services and programs, functioning as a center for reliable information.
Local  Vermont  Books 
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Green Mountain Library Consortium - OverDrive
Fairfax Community Library at GMLC - OverDrive
Local  Vermont  Books 
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Mimmo's Pizza
We offer fresh delicious food made from our own original Southern Italian recipes, New York style pizza, and friendly responsive service at reasonable prices. For your convenience our two locations offer dine-in, take out, catering and delivery during limited hours.
Vermont  Food 
15 days ago by bfsmith9
Why You Need an E-Bike - Vermont Sports Magazine
In Burlington, if you make a reservation and show a Vermont ID, you can take out any one of Local Motion’s five models of e-bikes from a Thursday to a Tuesday at no charge. The lending bikes range from “Marigold” a yellow, 70-pound Xtracycle cargo bike that can carry an adult and two children (under 45 lbs each) in child seats on the back, to a RadPower RadMini Folding Fatbike that can fit in the back of a car, to the lighter Trek Verve, which has a 70-mile range.
vermont  bicycles  ebikes 
18 days ago by michelemiz
The Push to Remove Any Mention of Slavery From Vermont’s Constitution
"The state prides itself on its abolitionist history. But its identity has been shaken by recent racist incidents."
vermont  history  politics  race 
25 days ago by jimmykduong
The Secret Oral History of Bennington: The 1980s' Most Decadent College
DONNA TARTT, CLASS OF ’86; WRITER; INTERVIEWED IN THE BENNINGTON VOICE, OCTOBER 28, 1992: Tell me something, I heard that Bennington requires SAT scores now, is that true? . . . Because I wouldn’t have been there if they had required them when I applied. I think I got in on a short story I sent in. Nobody I know would have been there if they had required SAT scores. That was part of the reason I went to Bennington. . . . [E]verybody there was like the oddly gifted person who made bad grades and hung out in the parking lot.
education  college  vermont  literature 
28 days ago by jomc

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