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serify - npm
Serify is a wrapper around the Twilio Verify REST API. This lightweight and straightforward wrapper allows you to send and verify SMS codes with two easy to use methods – and it only has one dependency. Both methods use of async/await, making it easy to integrate into your existing codebase.
twilio  verification  verify  sms  token 
3 days ago by garcon
The 5 closed messaging apps every journalist should know about — and how to use them
You can find these groups by searching “” on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. You can also scrape the web for group links, although it breaks the platform’s terms of service.
chat  verification  toscrape  advancedsearch 
23 days ago by paulbradshaw
Announcing sshign - minus' blog
I often need to use secondary methods to verify the authenticity of support requests on Sourcehut, for example when someone loses access to their 2FA device. Since almost every user has uploaded their SSH key, this is a really helpful tool for handling support in a secure way. I've already started using it for this purpose. Thanks minus!
ssh  verification 
27 days ago by mcg
Using TLA+ to understand Xen vchan - Thomas Leonard's blog
"The vchan protocol is used to stream data between virtual machines on a Xen host without needing any locks. It is largely undocumented. The TLA Toolbox is a set of tools for writing and checking specifications. In this post, I’ll describe my experiences using these tools to understand how the vchan protocol works."
tla  formal_methods  mirage  xen  verification 
4 weeks ago by mechazoidal

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