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2018 Roundup Of Cloud Computing Forecasts And Market Estimates
"Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounted for 55% of the company’s operating profit in Q2, 2018, despite contributing only 12% to the company’s net sales. In Q1, 2018 services accounted for 40% of Amazon’s revenue, up from 26% three years earlier. Source: Cloud Business Drives Amazon’s Profits, Statista, July 27, 2018."
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yesterday by jonerp
Lost and Founder: A Painful Yet Valuable Read
"Finally, in a Silicon Valley where failure is supposedly a red badge of courage, but one only worn after your next big success, Fishkin has an unique take on vulnerability (chapter 15) and his battles with depression, both in this long, painful blog post which was written the night before this story about a Foundry CEO summit from the book"
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11 days ago by jonerp
AirBnB pitch deck
Pitch deck with a good competitve landscape 2x2 matrix
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21 days ago by Hwinkler
: debt firm Trifecta Capital to invest in e-tailer Urban Ladder |
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26 days ago by ravivyas
The hidden cost of bootstrapping
heard about this article on startups for the rest of us, and this is their followup
bootstrappers_paradox  vc  raising  money  venture  bootstrapper  bootstrapping 
29 days ago by mgan
New Zealand Venture Investment Fund
@ the epicentre of kiwi ingenuity
[noun: ingenuity/the quality of being clever, original, and inventive.]
business  newzealand  venture  funding  company 
4 weeks ago by jevon
The Next Financial Crisis Lurks Underground
The author sums it up by explaining how the industry’s financial foundation is unstable because fracking "can't" make money. She ends this fascinating article, "most things that are economically unsustainable, from money-losing dot-coms to subprime mortgages, eventually come to a bitter end."

Yes, and the exact same can be said of Uber and other ride-hailing companies. A deep dive into their operating expenses shows that venture capital can only continue funding these things until the bitter end.
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6 weeks ago by argv01
Archives | Dconstrct By Sathyvelu Kunashegaran
I upvoted Real Pitch Decks From 40+ Top Startups on Product Hunt: A collection of startup pitch decks that raised $1.4 Billion at August 29, 2018 at 11:57PM
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6 weeks ago by iamthefury

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