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Statement from on new US sanctions against bank.
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2 days ago by andriak
Venezuela Crisis Escalates as Guaidó’s Chief of Staff Is Arrested
Venezuela’s intelligence police detained the chief of staff of the opposition leader Juan Guaidó early Thursday, a significant escalation of the country’s political crisis and one that could provoke fresh punitive measures from the United States.

The chief of staff, Roberto Marrero, a lawyer and confidant of Mr. Guaidó’s, was taken from his apartment in southern Caracas around dawn to an unknown destination by armed intelligence officers, said Sergio Vergara, an opposition lawmaker who is a friend and neighbor of Mr. Marrero’s.

Mr. Guaidó and the National Assembly confirmed the detention in posts on Twitter.

Mr. Vergara said that Mr. Marrero told him as he was led away that the police had planted two rifles and a grenade in his house as a pretext to charge him with terrorism. Mr. Vergara, who is a member of Mr. Guaidó’s party, said that armed intelligence officers had also broken into his apartment and searched his house for several hours.

His claim could not be independently verified, and the country’s Information Ministry did not immediately respond on Thursday to a request for comment. But the government has used similar tactics in the past to jail other opposition figures.
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2 days ago by jtyost2
RT : Hat das Maduro-Regime in LKW mit Hilfsgütern in Brand stecken lassen? Das stand und steht in fast allen…
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2 days ago by Xylakant
Maduro's internet blackout stifles news of Venezuela crisis
"Although the Venezuelan government has sporadically interfered with the web since 2007, internet activists say that online censorship has increased dramatically since January, when Guaidó swore himself in and was recognized as the country's legitimate president by the U.S. and about 50 other countries. News websites and internet users often figure out techniques to evade government-imposed firewalls. Still, analysts told CPJ that censorship combined with poor infrastructure--including frequent blackouts and one of the slowest internet speeds on the continent--mean that it's getting harder for journalists to do their jobs and for Venezuelans to stay informed...

"In a report this month, the Caracas-based Institute for Press and Society (IPYS) said that so far this year, 25 websites have been blocked during events of public interest, such as last month's Venezuela aid concert on the Colombian side of the border and efforts by opposition leaders to move humanitarian supplies into the country. Blocked domains included widely read independent news websites such as Efecto Cocuyo, El Pitazo, and Caraota Digital, as well as YouTube and Instagram. 'Most websites with anything valuable to read get blocked,' [[Venezuela Inteligente director Andrés] Azpúrua] Azpúrua said. 'Live coverage of anything that is newsworthy is censored.'" - John Otis, Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)
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4 days ago by dmcdev
America’s Venezuela Strategy: Coup By Sheer Narrative Control
The Trump administration is working to overthrow the government of Venezuela. They are not at this time doing this by military invasion, nor by funneling thousands of armed militants into the…
4 days ago by jstenner
bellingcat - Fire on the Border: Analyzing Venezuela’s February 23 Border Clashes - bellingcat
NYT: It's Maduro! Maduro: it's the NYT! Bellingcat: Latin America's worst rioter threw and missed
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