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AT&T adds more VNFs for businesses with Cisco's ENCS | FierceTelecom
ENCS is part of Cisco's Enterprise Network Function Virtualization (NFV) architecture, which means it works only with a Cisco-based infrastructure. By replacing hardware with Cisco's NFV-based ENCS platform, business customers can dynamically upgrade or change their services as needed.
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8 weeks ago by yorksranter
It’s time to give Firefox a fresh chance - The Verge
Chrome has outgrown its competition in a way that’s unhealthy.
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april 2018 by mirthe
Expressions of interest in Let's push for better and protect ourselves from
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january 2017 by tonyshannon
Don't Switch to Linux | LINUX Unplugged 15 - YouTube
Spot on with the discussion at 22:00 about the greeting card maker
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september 2015 by kme
Five Places You Can Slash IT Spending
As IT budgets are squeezed, and managers are looking for new ways to save money yet deliver the same services, this may be the perfect time to look into vendor-independent solutions. Vendor lock-in is great for the vendor, but not as much for the IT shop. In this article we focus on the infrastructure side of IT, exploring how enterprise-grade services can be had for drastically reduced costs, or even for free
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july 2009 by lystrata » Blog Archive » doubleTwist desktop has launched
"The goal of doubleTwist is to simplify the flow of media across devices and social networks. With doubleTwist, you’ll be able to share and sync digital media without worrying about codecs and bitrates."
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march 2008 by edwardgeorge
Schneier on Security: Lock-In
"Computer companies want more control over the products they sell you, and they're resorting to increasingly draconian security measures to get that control. The reasons are economic."
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march 2008 by edwardgeorge
ipodminusitunes: Apple cuts us off
"So, it's finally happened. Unhappy with other media players being better than iTunes, Apple have apparently decided to stop them from working with the new range of iPods."
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september 2007 by edwardgeorge

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