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MIT Self-Driving Cars: Sacha Arnoud, Director of Engineering, Waymo - YouTube
Via “Jack Creasey” on LinkedIn:

Video from MIT 6.S094 course on Self-Driving cars

It's rare to get any real details from Google/Waymo, but this presentation is a bit of an exception.
The first 20 mins is historical and can be skipped ....but the presentation is well worth watching.

The biggest takeaway from Sacha, when you are 90% complete in your solution you still have 90% (of the time) left to get to release.
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5 days ago by cwr
Green number plates ‘could boost sales of electric cars’ in UK | Environment | The Guardian
Behavioural insights unit proposes new colour for registration plates to help ‘normalise the idea of clean vehicles’
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6 days ago by fdedic
Buy Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Drawer Slides | Eurofit Direct
Eurofit are one of the largest suppliers of Heavy Duty slides in the UK, we offer a range from 70kg to 250kg load rating with 100% extension. The slides do NOT come with trigger release due to the load they are designed to carry.
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11 days ago by mvh

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