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Introducing AVS, an Open Standard for Autonomous Vehicle Visualization from Uber | Uber Engineering Blog
As we’ve written before, the Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) and Visualization teams at Uber leverage web-based visualization technologies to interpret these sensor and algorithmic-derived worlds in order to support an ever-growing pool of autonomous use cases.

Today, we’re excited to open source the redesigned and expanded Autonomous Visualization System (AVS), a new way for the industry to understand and share its data.   
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yesterday by euler
All About Your Baltimore Car’s Clutch
The clutch is one of the parts that you should know about. Here is some important information you should know.
car  vehicle  clutch 
6 days ago by Adventure_Web
Front Defrost problems - Chevy Impala Forums
Try a blend door reset.
1. Turn heater controls off
2. Remove the TWO HVAC (Display fuses for 2010/2011) fuses from the underhood fuse center.
3. Wait 5 minutes.
4. Re-install the fuses and turn ignition on. (do not start engine)
vehicle  repair  impala 
12 days ago by brainflurry

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