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Chicken Enchiladas With Salsa Verde  Recipe - NYT Cooking
This was ok, but the enchiladas were very soggy, with lots of clear liquid in the bottom of the pan. Next time, strain the salsa verde through cheesecloth before using in recipe, to eliminate some of the water. Also, use plenty of cheese, AND the chicken definitely needs some kind of spices... cumin? Look up good mexican spices to use.

The salsa verde part of the recipe is good for using up tomatillos, at least (but strain before using!)
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9 days ago by subiej
Good Question: How To Ripen Peppers? | Kitchn
peppers and tomatoes in a paper bag or box with a ripe tomato
gardening  vegetables  advice 
18 days ago by garyleatherman
The Spice is Right: How to quit whining: Trader Joe's Masala Burgers
Use sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. Also, research other recipes to make a perfect version.
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22 days ago by lala7625

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