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Front Series B Deck – Mathilde Collin – Medium
A little less than 2 years ago, I shared our series A deck online. This was undoubtedly the most efficient thing I’ve done, since it took me virtually no time at all (it was already done), and it’s now been seen over 2 million times, and I’ve received hundreds of thank you messages for it. via Pocket
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Boeing HorizonX joins $15M funding round for Fortem drone radar venture – GeekWire
Boeing HorizonX gets in on $15M funding round for drone radar venture | geekwire
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4 days ago by rickc57
Welcome to Powder Mountain – a utopian club for the millennial elite | Technology | The Guardian
I tell Rosenthal that I’ve met many people in America who work as hard as him and his friends – harder, in fact – but struggle to make ends meet. He acknowledges that he’s benefited from considerable advantage, but insists we now live in an era in which “the internet is the great equaliser”.

“What are you doing to create the utility for yourself? Are you introducing people so they can collaborate?” he says. Struggling Americans, he adds, might want to “host a dinner. Invite 10 strangers. See what happens.”
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Hungry for Investment: Big Food Races Toward Startups 20180313
Hungry for Investment: Big Food Races Toward Startups
March 13, 2018 Share Hungry for Investment: Big Food Races Toward Startups on Facebook Share Hungry for Investment: Big Food Races Toward Startups on Twitter Share Hungry for Investment: Big Food Races Toward Startups on LinkedIn Share Hungry for Investment: Big Food Races Toward Startups via Email
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Since 2015, global food giants from Tyson Foods to Land O'Lakes have launched venture funds and incubator programs to attract early-stage startups.

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Mars, Kraft Heinz, and Thrive Market are some of the newest food companies to launch venture funds.

In March 2018, Mars Petcare launched two pet-focused funds, Leap Venture Studio (an incubator/accelerator) and Companion Ventures (a venture fund); Kraft Heinz launched an incubator and accelerator program for brands named Springboard; and Thrive Market made its first investment in protein bar company Square Organics through its new venture arm Thrive Market Ventures.
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Combine is a design and venture firm in San Francisco.
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ARR Growth for SaaS IPOs – Alex Clayton – Medium
Most public SaaS companies are valued on a next-twelve-months (NTM) revenue multiple, and while revenue is also an important metric for private companies, many investors focus on ARR (annual recurring revenue). via Pocket
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