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Telemetry: add prometheus endpoint option · Issue #2937 · hashicorp/vault
You can use blackbox for that. So for example in the blackbox.yml you can have
vault_unseal: prober: http timeout: 5s http: valid_status_codes: [200,429] method: GET no_follow_redirects: true fail_if_ssl: false fail_if_not_ssl: false fail_if_matches_regexp: - 'sealed":true'

The valid status codes are 200 and 429, because the standby node replies with a 429 (which is expected) and the active node with a 200

The rule in alertmanager to trigger the alerts:
- alert: Vault_node_sealed expr: probe_success{job="vault_sealed"} != 1 for: 1m labels: severity: xxx annotations:xxx

You can also use statsd-exporter to gather more specific stats and better alerts with expressions like:
expr: sum(increase(vault_core_leadership_lost_count{job="example"}[1h])) > 5

Hope it helps.
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