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Twitter: Visualizing floating point precision loss
Visualizing floating point precision loss, or "why stuff behaves badly far from the origin" The blue dot…
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september 2018 by aeldron
Metabolic Flexibility as an Adaptation to Energy Resources and Requirements in Health and Disease | Endocrine Reviews | Oxford Academic
metabolic flexibility can be placed in the broad context of health and disease and a deeper understanding of its intricacies will significantly affect health care. As a final note, the situation portrayed here does not necessarily reflect that of each individual. Because of the genetic and epigenetic disparity of humans and the enormous varieties in lifestyle, it is not unthinkable that each person fashions a unique way to maintain energy homeostasis. In light of the rapid developments in the field of nutrigenomics and personalized medicine, future research will likely focus on the union between metabolic flexibility and personalized medicine.
metabolic  metabolism  flexibility  evolution  genetics  epigenetics  individual  variation  endocrine  neurotransmitter  hormone  insulin  peer-reviewed  research  pathophysiology  risk  genetic  factor  energy  homeostasis 
august 2018 by Michael.Massing
Partitioning the Variation in Data · Simply Statistics
Partitioning the Variation in Data
— Roger Peng (@rdpeng)
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august 2018 by njr0
Letters: BBC cancer report | Media | The Guardian
Dr Goldacre suggests the difference between the best- and worst-performing authorities falls within a range that could be expected through chance. But this does not change the fact that there is a threefold difference between the best and worst local authorities. In addition, the bulk of the piece is a responsible warning to the public to be alert to the dangers of what can be a killer disease. I also feel is it unfair for Dr Goldacre to single out the BBC for criticism. The same research was reported widely elsewhere across the web, including the Guardian website.
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june 2018 by paulbradshaw
Sequential regulatory activity prediction across chromosomes with convolutional neural networks
An international, peer-reviewed genome sciences journal featuring outstanding original research that offers novel insights into the biology of all organisms
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may 2018 by ioannis
Recognition of the polycistronic nature of human genes is critical to understanding the genotype-phenotype relationship
An international, peer-reviewed genome sciences journal featuring outstanding original research that offers novel insights into the biology of all organisms
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may 2018 by ioannis
How to build a book: Notes from an editorial bricoleuse | HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory: Vol 7, No 3
"This piece offers an editor’s reflections on the ethos and craft of writing. General suggestions, words of encouragement, and detailed tips emerge through a discussion of unexpected affinities between writing and building. An annotated list of further readings accompanies the text.

Ce texte offre les réflexions d’une éditrice sur l’ethos et l’art de l’écriture. Des suggestions générales, des encouragements, et quelques conseils précis se dégagent d’une discussion sur les affinités inattendues entre l’écriture et la construction. Une liste annotée de lectures complémentaires accompagne ce texte."

"The inevitable risk in writing a document like this one is that authors will interpret my advice as an example of editorial fascism that is appeased only when others subsume their ambition to conformity. I would hate for that to be the lesson of this meditation (which is, in itself, something of an oddity).

Times change, architectural styles go through inevitable change and recombination, and books change too. No intelligent person would demand that every room conform perfectly to a single model or that every book do the same. Variation is one cornerstone of beauty. So, please, surprise me. But do so from a position of intimate understanding. Mastery of tradition, in writing as in other crafts, is the first condition for innovation."


"Some nice, not obvious advice in this piece on writing academic books (aimed at anthro, but more broadly relevant), from @priyasnelson: … (I especially like the “finding the center” metaphor.)

Not that anthropologists are unique snowflakes, but I wish we had more writing advice like this aimed at us particularly: we have some particular strengths and weaknesses that generic academic writing advice doesn’t appreciate."]
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december 2017 by robertogreco
Hail is an open-source, scalable framework for exploring and analyzing genomic data. Starting from genetic data in VCF, BGEN or PLINK format, Hail can, for example:
variation  tools 
november 2017 by dvera

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