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Damon's Technology
Active variable riding geometry on a motorcycle?
variable  seat  riding  geometry  active  dynamic  motorcycle  vehicle  automotive  technology  research 
4 days ago by asteroza
Script Filter JSON Format - Workflow Input Objects - Alfred Help and Support
The JSON Output format specification to populate Alfred's results from the Script Filter
alfredapp  howto  json  scripting  variable 
18 days ago by K-T
Periodogram: NASA Exoplanet Archive
Online software to find period: MS-DOS .txt input format
12.34 55.98
93.01 43.65
exoplanets  variable  stars  period 
27 days ago by horbrastar
Feature: Conditionally load tfvars/tf file based on Workspace · Issue #15966 · hashicorp/terraform
Feature Request Terraform to conditionally load a .tfvars or .tf file, based on the current workspace. Use Case When working with infrastructure that has multiple environments (e.g. "staging", "production"), workspaces can be used to iso...
type:how-to  terraform  workspace  variable  loading 
4 weeks ago by endorama
Seven Surprising Bash Variables – zwischenzugs
Continuing in the series of posts about lesser-known bash features, here I take you through seven variables that bash makes available that you may not have known about. 1) PROMPT_COMMAND You might already know that you can manipulate your prompt to show all sorts of useful information, but what fewer people know is that you…
bash  shell  variable  parameter  advanced 
4 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Substituting custom web.config sections with environment variables for docker - Solid Softworks
You can substitute web.config sections, even custom ones, using the ConfigurationBuilder in System.Configuration.
configuration  docker  environment  variable  howto 
7 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Media - News - UK team trials new ultra-endurance air vehicle - University of the Highlands and Islands
Similar to Slocum gliders, but use buoyancy in air. But considering the medium, won't you need bigger wings? I seem to remember a passenger craft concept that was similar, with a catamaran body, a large wing, and a centered over-wing engine cluster, called GravityPlane.
variable  buoyancy  airship  hybrid  glider  aerodyne  vehicle  transportation  research  UAV  drone  blimp  HAPS 
7 weeks ago by asteroza

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