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We Tried to Do Vanlife Right. It Broke Us Down. | Outside Online
Of course, it wasn’t that simple. Here’s what living out of a van was: a massive stretch of raw adventure and also an earthquake, destabilizing my life, showing me I didn’t really know all that much about risk, privilege, happiness, failure, and my own mental state. Rachel and I were two tectonic plates, shearing and buckling and melding together under the pressure. When it was all over, I got to see what had crumbled—and what hadn’t. That was vanlife’s gift to me.
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7 days ago by inspiral
Model Overview: Bus, Vanagon, Eurovan (1968-2003)
Filing this info away for future use. Quick notes: Avoid campers with round headlights, best years for Vanagons: 1986-1991, best Eurovans: 1997-2003
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Renogy - Solar Powered Systems & Equipment
Whether you're camping or in the bush, power your things!
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The less glamorous side of — stuck in Carthage, TX only 150 miles into a 750 mile trip. It ha…
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Bent Metal Works - Bend Oregon Metal Worker - Metal Artist
Chris McCoy used this guy to build a rack for his Sprinter
6 weeks ago by bvp663

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